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The Flag of Argentina

The blue stripes on the top and bottom of the flag represent the clear blue skies of Argentina. The white represents the snow of the Andes Mountains. The "Sun of May" in the center commemorates 25 of May, 1810 during the liberation of Buenos Aires. The flag was established in Rosario during Argentina's war for independence, February 27, 1812.

Map of Argentina

The capital of Argentina is the city Buenos Aires. The population was 44,197,108 as of April 2017. Other important cities in the area are Rosario and Mendoza.


Argentina has a generally temperate climate, however because it is such a large country, there are many regional variations.

For example, the climate of Argentina's five major regions are extreme heat in the north, mild temperatures in the central pampas, and subarctic climate in the glacial regions.

Geography continued

The pampas is the largest fertile plain, and covers nearly one third of Argentina. Some countries that border Argentina are Chile, Bolivia, and Brazil.

The most populated place in Argentina is the Patagonian Plateau becuase of its semi arid climate. Argentina also holds the second largest river system in South America.

National Symbols

The national flower of Argentina is the Erythina Crista-galli or cockspur coral tree. It grows mainly in swamps and wetlands, and is known for its bright red or orange flowers.

National Bird

The national bird of Argentina is the Rufous Hornero which are most well known for their sturdy and distinctive nests.

These birds feed on insects, such as beetles and termites, that they forage from the ground. The Hornero also builds large, strong nests from mud and straw that can be reused by others species.

History of Argentina

Spain first established a colony in Buenos Aires in 1859, which was the first permanent settlement in Argentina. Spain began to expand greatly between the 1500s and 1700s. Eventually, Argentina declared its independence from Spain on July 9, 1816.

The first constitution was established in 1861. Argentina began to develops new agricultural technology that led to its economic growth. It soon became one of the top ten wealthiest nations.

History Continued

Unfortunately, poor economics and political instability led to a great deal of problems. Argentina continued to deal with with instability and little to no economic growth. Over many years and up to the 21st century numerous presidents were elected to try and restore peace to the country. Eventually, Argentina elected Mauricio Macri in 2015 and the economy has been growing steadily.


Argentina has many popular foods that are a big part of the culture. An example of that would be the Carbonada Criolla, which is a stew that contains meat, vegetables and fruit.

A popular drink to find in Argentina is Submarino, or Spanish hot chocolate. All it contains is milk with a chocolate syrup and is usually enjoyed during the winter months.

Famous People

Sergio Agüero is a professional football player in Argentina. He was the youngest player to enter the Primera Divsion at just 15 years old. He is known as one of the best strikers in football.

Famous People Continued

The pope Francis was born in Buenos Aires and is known as a Bishope of Rome as well as the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis was also the first Jesuit pope from the Southern Hemishphere.

Tourist Attractions

The Iguazu Falls is one of the largest waterfall systems in the world at an elevation of 260 feet and containing 275 drops. It is Located on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones.

Tourist Attractions Continued

La Boca is a very popular tourist attraction and neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It well populated with around 46,494 people living in the area but is also a very bright and colorful place to visit. Home to bohemian artists, numerous soccer fans, and tango artists it is no wonder some see the place as the symbol of a Buenos Aires.

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