Bhandup Mangroves By royna basu 3a

We saw the Mangroves with it's breathing roots.

What are breathing roots?

Breathing roots are roots that help the Mangroves breath nicely. The roots have small lids to breath when the high tide comes the roots go inside and they can breath properly.

Where are the Mangroves located?

The Mangroves are located in 8 different countries.

75% of the earth is filled with mangroves!

Abiotic Factors

We saw rocks ,mud/ soil,Temperature,sunlight, and water.

Two issues affecting the Mangroves

Humans are taking salt from the sea water and not letting the Mangroves grow.

One symbiotic relationship in the Mangroves

Parasitism-I got bitten by a mosquito.++😃😭

Mutualism- We saw the butterfly and the buttercup. The butterfly is getting it's food and the buttercup is getting baby plants.++ 🤓🤓

Different colours of the Mangroves!

Red Mangroves
Grey Mangroves
Ingred bird 🐦 on white Mangrove
The Ashy Pirinyas nest

One ☝️ way of saving the Mangroves

1. We can plant a tree 🌲 everyday!


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