To Kill a Mockingbird Point of view assignment by Bryce Dickey

Entry 1: The kids try to see "Boo Radley".

Perspective: Jem Finch

For a while me and Scout have always wanted to just take a peek at the mysterious Boo Radley. We have heard many things about him and how he is quite scary and is only kept inside for no reason. We eventually get the guts to go to his house with our friend Dill who stays here during the summer. We approach the house one night but their is a fence door that creaks very loud when you open it. I order Dill and Scout to spit on it so we aren't heard. Eventually I am able to get through without making any noise. I go up to one window of the house and look in but as I look in a ginormous shadow appears behind me and I freeze. I am so frightened I don't even look at who it is and I run away towards Dill and Scout. As I am climbing under the fence my pants get stuck on the fence so I just keep going and rip them off. When I get through the fence we all start running back to my house. When we get back I realize I need to get my pants so nothing seems out of the ordinary. I tell Scout to keep calm and count to 10. She says okay and I sprint back to get my pants where I see them nicely folded on top of the fence. I grab them but as I grab them loud gunshots go off on the other side of the fence. This frightens me so I run away as fast as I can back to Scout and Dill.

Entry 2: Covering the whole.

Perspective: Jem

One after noon I went outside to the Radley yard to go to my special tree where me, Scout and Dill climb around. When I got their one day I noticed something in this one whole in the tree. When I looked in their were two figurines and a gold watch thing. I was truly shocked about this being in here because I have no idea who put it their. I was also confused because it seemed as it these items were meant for me, Dill and Scout. I went home and hid these items in a special box and looked at them here and their. One day Scout came into my room and I showed her these things and she was very confused about it as well. No one really knew this was our spot but the only people who could see us their are the Radley's and Atticus. We came down and realized it must be Boo Radley who left us these. This really creeped me out because I don;t know him and he is just leaving me presents.

Entry 3: Shooting the Rabid Dog

Perspective: Atticus

One day I hear a cry outside my house from my two beloved kids, Jem and Scout. I go downstairs where they had ran in and they tell me their is a rabid dog outside. I am shocked but not worried because we are safely inside my residents. I go to the phone and phone up Heck Tate, the town sheriff, and tell him about this. He says he will be their right away to solve this problem. He eventually arrives a few minutes later and pulls out his small rifle. Out of my surprise he hands me the rifle and tells me to take the shot. I say no because it is not my duty to do this but he then persuades me to do so. I know for sure I will make this shot but I don't want to show my kids my special talent. I aim down the sights, hold my breath, and take the kill shot. I turn around and my kids jaws are dropped and their eyes are wide open. I grin slightly and tell them to go back inside. They ask me many questions and I ignore them but Heck Tate rambles on about how I am the best shot in town. I believe that my talent should not be known because I don't like killing things.

Entry 4: The Boozed up Bully's

Perspective: Walter Cunningham

We must kill this negro kid. He has disrespected our community and he raped and innocent Mayella Ewell. One night me and a group of us noble men from around town got really drunk to numb the pain of us going to kill and man and it is just fun anyways. We get in our cars to drive over to that negro's holding cell and we load our shotguns because we are going their to kill. It takes us a little while to get their because we are drunk so we crashed a few times but 30 minutes later we finally made it. When we get their Atticus is sitting their in a chair with a lamp to the side and he is reading a book. I find this quite creepy honestly because I didn't know how he would know we were going to be their and it was just weird because it was the middle of the night and he was in the streets reading a book. Anyways, we walk up and tell Atticus we don't want to hurt him but we need to kill the negro. He refuses to leave so this makes it a lot harder on us because we know what we are going to have to do. We approach Atticus and cock our shotguns but right when we are about to attack a little boy runs up through the middle of the crowd. When he turns around I realize it's not a boy but it's Atticus' little girl, Scout.


One thing I learned from this assignment was to try to think about other characters roles in stories while reading. I think that this is an important lesson because it shows the story from other characters perspectives. When you think about the story from another persons perspective it helps you to learn more about the book and the story line itself. I think that Mr. Crookes purpose in having us do the assignment is for the reason to get to know more about the book and the story line. I think this is a very useful way of learning for all books and to get to understand the books you read.

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