COM60203 - 0315194/Rediscovering Ingenuity Of Youth Exercise 1

Bianca Danielle Roch 0315194

Photography has been something I have admired, being able to take up this class and learn more in-depth about how a camera works and how we are able to play with the setting to our likings is something interesting. I believe that a picture is able says it all.

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Ingenuity Of Youth

Exercise 1 - Photo (Theme), ISO, Shutter speed and Apeture, 50 words or reflection.

Reflection : Ingenuity of youth, young people of today do many things in order to be able to come up with creative ideas. For Generation Y, they believe that an idea can come to them at any time. A simple idea can come to anyone at any random time as long as they are relaxed and in their own train of thought, they are able to complete what is necessary. Labelling is always a great option in order to stay organised, I hope my picture is able to represent that.

  • ISO : This image was taken at night, due to the lighting the ISO did not need to be set too bright.
  • Apeture : Due to the amount of light available, the lens did not have to be too large to capture the image.f/1.4
  • Shutter Speed : The shutter was slow enough to capture a candid image of the boy placing the pin on the sticker.1/15sec
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Bianca Roch


Photographed by : Bianca Danielle Roch

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