Go-Kart Project Mark Clay

Problem Statement

We need to design, build, and operate a drill-powered Go-Kart. We have marking periods three and four to complete our project. One full sheet of plywood, One eighteen-volt power drill, and wood glue. We have an additional twenty-five dollars to spend on other materials we may need.


This image was our first idea of how the rider will be on the Go-Kart.
This was out first idea for the frame of the Go-Kart
This picture shows how we might use the seat and the gas/brake systems


This image shows our basic idea for the front of the go-kart. The wheel is in the front of the kart and the pedals for the kart to move are next to it.
The sketch shows the basic design for the frame. There will be two wheels in the back, and one wheel in the front, with the seat above the wheels.
This is the sketch for the rear axle from the back view
This is the detailed sketch of the frame that we will be using to be cut out of the ShotBot
This is a sketch of our fully assembled go-kart from the side view
This a sketch of the fully assembled go-kart from the top view.
This picture shows my part of the Go-Kart. I made the steering wheel that will be utilized in the final design of the Go-Kart
This image shows our fully assembles design of the Go-Kart that we will be using.


These are miscellaneous parts from dismantling the bike
These are the chain and the gear from the bike. We will be using the chain for the rotation system.
These are the two wheels that we recovered from the bike. One of these wheels will be our back wheel, and the other one will be one of the front wheels.
This shows how we cut the bike so we could recover the chain.
This is an image of our frame cut out from the ShopBot
This image shows how we were attaching the axle for the front wheels onto the go-kart
This is our kart with the front and back wheels attached. We were discussing how to implement the steering

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