Breaking Free Dan Chen brings his expansive artistic vision to the TexArt Workshop

Working for a week with Dan Chen, at the TexArt Workshop, will expand the horizons of your creativity and help you think and work... "outside the box".

Dan's Studio

In this workshop Dan will be focusing on how to push your own creativity... thinking outside of the normal limitations... how to use what we have in our toolbox to create truly personal and unique pieces of art that extend beyond the normal surface limitations of the paper or canvas.

Come work with Dan Chen to learn how to creatively combine different mediums or media to achieve amazing results.

Dan will bring you into his personal creative process, and help you to expand your own as well..

His ideas flow effortlessly from large to small... traditional 2 dimensional canvases to large 3 dimensional sculptures with ease and style.

Dan also will also show you how to work with watercolor on silk as well as pastel on paper.

Supply list: Bring your current project and any supplies needed for that project.

Or... bring a project and any supplies you've always wanted to try, but maybe just needed some help and advice.

This is a unique opportunity for you to work with a master artist whose own creative process knows no bounds... and who will help you venture into new realms.

In this workshop, Dan will work with artists to understand the fundamentals of various mediums. He will explore how to mix different mediums to create unique images that transcend the surface of the paper or canvas. We will not only achieve what we want... we will also create artwork that lasts from an archival point of view. We will work "hands on" with many basic mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, gouache, oil, and pastel, as well as inks, pigments and others. We will also experiment on intermixing with one another a basic medium as a common ground. Dan will explore with you how various mediums work on paper or on canvas.

Dan will help you understand the fundamentals of each medium and then work with you individually to achieve your goal.

Bring whatever materials you like to work with, and Dan will help you expand your artistic vision beyond boundaries!

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TexArt Workshop Susan Kathleen Black Foundation / Society of Animal Artists

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