ADVERTISING By: Malte Fernstrom

Sell and spin the history of advertising

  • Advertising came from 1400's
  • Way to get people to them interested in buying
  • Each person in exposed on a average of 3000 ads a day and this was over 20 years ago
  • In the beginning in the 90's they spent on average of 4oo million
  • Now spend close to 350 billion
  • They are doing like what religion did like promising pleasure when you get their product
  • Tapping in to a need
  • Using images and words
  • Made to believe it's made for you and you only
  • They make products have personalitys
  • We don't connect with objects so they make it a character like the clown for mcdonadls
  • Like the tiger on frosted flakes so you can try to realate
  • You have to reach the right target audience
  • Make the product
  • human
  • Malbo's new marketing made sales up go 3000 precent
  • They changed it to market it to men instead to woman
  • Make your product a icon and share values with the consumers
  • The Ford Edzel was the biggest markting fail
  • Ford spent 250 million on R and D and no one wanted to buy it
  • Good advertising dosen't only matter about how much you spend
  • There is a 3000 year old adverting stone
  • In ancient Greece people waled around and yelled there products out on the streets then they made sings.
  • And this was the start of text and images.
  • They sometimes had musicians
  • The invention of the printing press was the start of mass media
  • It was invited in 1448
  • The first things the started making was books
  • It got so competitive so they ripet down other peoples ads
  • This ment increase in consumer culture

Female representation in advertising


  1. (Objectification)The seeing and or treating a person usually a woman, as an object this is often sexual objection.
  2. (Gender Roles)For woman roles are often limited to house wife or a sex object. So like the men are supposed to work and the woman are supposed to take care of children.
  3. (Dismemberment)Cropping and fragmantionon of the female body. Which is usually parts of legs and torso.

Male representation in advertising

  • (Metrosexual)A neologism (a made up word) to represent a changing economic trend in male shopping and representaion dating from the 80's
  • (Spornosexual) A made up word made with three words sport+porn+metrosexual.
  • (lumbersexual) A man who has adopted style traits of a lumberjack namely a beard a plaid shirt and scruffy hair or a main bun. Otherwise a clean-cut and fashionable style choices.

Advertising case study

Definition of aryan propaganda: Racial grouping making one race look stronger and better than an other. Like when hitler made jews look bad and weak.

The colors that are being used is mostly light and dark they used black and white to really define his muscles and contour. It makes him look bold and power full also the camera is looking up at him. I think that the most important thing is that they have made the camera below him becasue it makes him look big and independent becasue

Bill Bernbach

  1. How did he attract an audience? He broke all the rules. He used humor.
  2. Why specifically is his Volkswagen campaign so commonly cited as an example of outstanding advertising? He used humor. He made people think and think small. He used creativity and humor. They didn't talk to much about the product

Russel Rives

  • Russel Rives said how good a product was over and over.
  • He really focused on the USP and he said it over and over
  • With like a head ache they show the same hammering noise again and agian
  • He gave a reason to that exact product even if there 100s of other products that do the exact same

Advertising and censorship What are these advertising?

1.What are these advertising? One is about cigarets and one is about the chocolate maltesers

2.What claims are being made?For the cigaret one is that you will clear up your throat and you will be fit and the chocolate one is saying it will keep you slim.

3.What images are they portraying? That the products are goof for you and that they will only do good even though they definitely won't

1. Identify the groups of people who appear to be most vulnerable to advertising. That is, who are the regulators trying to protect? They are trying to protect the younger audience becasue they don't want to pollute their brains and also they don't want to think that that is the norm.

2.Adverts for which products are most strictly regulated? Why do you think this is? Alcohol and cigarets becasue they in the olden days made it look glamours and they don't want children to try that stuff becasue it's not good and if you start drinking too much you can become an alcoholic and that's not good for the society.

3.In a group, discuss whether you think adverts need to be regulated. What harm might they do (if any)? 1. All genitals must be covered so it can't be seen 2.It shall not encourage violence of type or form 3. You must be able to prove the facts you present in the ad 4. It should not degrade any group of people 5. If you have photoshopped or enhanced someone or something you must state that 6. It can't make smoking or drinking look glamours 7. No objectification 8. The actor or actors must have given consent

1. Why was this film banned? Becasue it can be scary for some people and it wasn't stated that it was recommended for older people or people that are fine with watching scarier films. And that can make people mad.

2.Why was this film banned? There was alcohol being drunk which could make people feel like drinking is right and aloud on school and parents don't want that to be correlated with school.

3.What was this film banned? Becasue they may have been uncomfortable with gay people and also there was copy righted music

Exploring the ASA

1. How many complaints where received? 199 complaints

2.What was the nature of the complaints? They made e-smokeing look glamours

3.What was the ruling? Upheld

4. What explanation was given? "We received complaints that two VIP e-cigarette TV ads glamorised and promoted the use of tobacco products. We did not uphold the complaints about glamourisation, but did consider the ads depicted the products being exhaled in a way that created a strong association with traditional tobacco smoking."

1.)How many complaints where received? 1,711

2.What was the nature of the complaints? That it was sexist and that


1.)What is the problem that this campaign is seeking to address? That woman's self esteem are being lowered becasue of ads. They are saying that they need to be skinnier and that they are not good enough. Which makes woman feel that they are good ugly which lowers their own self esteem.

2.)How is the organisation trying to do this? They are saying that you don't have to be skinny or that you have to buy the new beauty products becasue you are just as valuable.

3.)How are the various films part of a wider campaign? They are a part of a wider campaign by having events and stuff like that

1.)Advertising Agencies Have Clients: what is the purpose of a pitch in the agency/client relationship? The purpose of

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