Time For Kids Gorilla Patients by irma morales perez

Dat-facts and figures

Deforest-to clear a wide area of trees

Emit-to send out or give off

Greenhouse Gas-a gas that traps heat in the atmosphere

Induce-to bring about; to cause

Pristine-unpolluted, in its original state

Prototype-a first model

Reservoir-a natural or an artifical lake used as a source of water

Sustainable-able to be done without destroying resources


unconscious-not awake, or not aware, especially because of a drug or injury

Vulnerable-weak; defenseless


Created with images by Gellinger - "gorilla monkey ape" • Lauren Manning - "FRIES BY MONTH" • Picography - "deforestation forest wood" • PublicDomainPictures - "bulb decoration diode" • ralphrepo - "House Interior Showing A Woman At A Brick Stove, A Bucket & A Ladle Made From A Gourd In The Lost Tribe Country [1936] Hedda Morrison [RESTORED]" • freestock.ca ♡ dare to share beauty - "Glencar Falls - HDR" • PIRO4D - "bugatti veyron automobile" • justfluff - "Ladybower reservoir" • seagul - "renewable energy environment" • Karen Roe - "Old Thatch Gardens 15-05-2014" • 61015 - "sleeping drunk stairs" • limaoscarjuliet - "vulnerable"

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