Maddy's Portfolio Midterm

Hellur my name is Maddy and the main area of photography that I am interested in is portraiture. A main thing that I learned in doing it is you have to really direct your model and tell them how to pose or what to do or else they will get awkward and not know what to do. Another topic that I like is depth of field and one thing that I learned doing it is to think outside of the box when doing it or else you'll take the same boring pictures.
For this project I did the shallow and deep depth of field. I chose this subject because I really like to take shallow depth of field pictures and when I did this project as a freshman I didn't get good shots. one thing that I did differently this time is I used different lenses almost everyday and tried to look for things that I wouldn't normally shoot. For my deep depth of field I was desperate for a picture because I had so many shallow depth of field pictures but barely any deep depth of field that I actually liked and I was looking around the campus thinking what have i not shot before and i came across these poll looking things on the wall and i just shot it for fun and i actually really liked how it came out with the blue sky and i think just the way the poles are are interesting.
For this project the main challenge was lighting not so much for the picture of Sarah because it was a good day to shoot but for the picture of Mr. Schmidt's door because it's in the 400 building and the buildings have weird lighting so i had to take so many pictures and fix the settings so many times. I chose these as my best shots because I like how Sarah is waving because I see her everyday in the same spot at the same time and she always waves so it was definetely a day in my life and then the one of the door is true because every morning i stand in the same spot waiting for Schmidt to come so i think both of these represent my day the most.
the spirit poster was probably one of the hardest projects that we've done in this class because you really have to think outside of the box for this project. The story behind the right hand up is it's someone telling the truth and use integrity and the story behind the ribbons is something scholarly this picture was my hardest because I didn't want to take a basic picture of books and I really like it because it's different and it's just a nice picture overall.
What I think makes a good portrait is facials and real reactions from your model also good lighting and angles that compliment your model. These are good portraits because in the ones of Alyssa you can tell that she is genuinely happy by her laughter and her smile is a real smile to me. The one of Tiffany is good because it's kind of a different angle she was actually posing for another camera and I just snapped a quick shot of her to get a "different angle".
The main challenge for me was getting the right settings with the lighting in my room and in the fish tank. The picture with my Polaroid's I actually had to use my phone flash light because it was not coming out right with just the lighting in my room. Also it was hard to think of stuff but it really made you think like what does home mean to you. One topic that I think would be cool is another take on the day in our lives but at home.

My year: So far this year I think iv'e become more creative in my photography when I'm out shooting now I try to take pictures of things that not that many people will notice especially on campus. This year I learned to change my settings more often because before I would just stay on one setting and it was probably on auto but now I change my ISO and white balance and all that a lot more because I pay more attention to the little things like lighting when I'm shooting. A goal that I want to achieve this next semester is to take more pictures than I think I need because so many times this year I will hate 99.9% of my pictures and I'll regret not taking more. Another goal is to change things up and not take pictures of the same plant every time. I will achieve these goals by just paying attention to what I'm doing when I'm out shooting.

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