12/26/17: Check out this year-end list of Virginia music! In depth reviews of a dozen records...many of which are friends of ours. HUGE THANKS to our good buddy Ben Mauch (who's en route to China for a month-long tour with his band Colin Phils) for all the kind words!

11/13/17: #BUMMER - we headed down to Greensboro (which has a quaint little town center just off the UNCG campus) for a set on the air at WUAG. After grabbing some right incredible wings (secret ingredient - Old Bay), we discovered that the radio show wasn't happening. We did meet a right cool professor who spent some time chatting about improvisation with us. Always good to find a silver lining...

11/06/17: Our show up in Philly was wonderful! So thankful to Ethan, Scott, & Matt for opening up their killer brew shop, Form Fermentery, to a night of spacey musics. Soporus was a perfect headliner, washing the entire space over with sounds from their most recent cassette, "Windswept Pile No. 1" (Burnt Toast Vinyl/Do You Dream Of Noise). Our next set will be on the airwaves in Greensboro, NC. We will be featured on "Radio Greensboro" this Sunday night (11/12/17) @ 8P. You can stream the entire set via WUAG on the tune in app.

10/07/17: HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out last night to our release show. We had a fantastic time connecting with folks we'd never met before, doing our best to explain "ambient music", & jamming out as a quartet (props to Todd Webb & Bob Pence!). A special thanks to those of you who purchased a copy of the LP. "Deaf Sharp" is now available at Speakertree should you decide to add us to your personal collection.

IF you were able to capture any memories from the show, we'd love to see them! Pics, videos, whatever. Tag us as you post - #honeybrandy.

Pictures from the LP release show stolen from a friend's Instagram feed...

10/02/17: Here's the poster that is going up around town to promote the LP release show! Thanks to HSAL for creating this visual (based on our LP cover) & for assembling such a rad show to celebrate the album.

Advert for LP Release Show on October 6th!
  • 09/29/17: Our debut LP, "Deaf Sharp" is out everywhere today! Regular copies should begin showing up on store shelves as the days grow shorter. The label (HSAL) is still selling the deluxe edition, which includes a CD with most everything else we have recorded to date, including our side of the split cassette with Oahu. Our local (Lynchburg VA) release show is one week from today (10/06/17) at the Schewel Theater inside of Riverviews. Speakertree will be selling deluxe editions across the hall & there will be a cash bar offering up shots of (what else?) HONEYBRANDY!


Cover photo courtesy of Joanna McGlothlin

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