08/31/20: The response to "Deaton Forestbrook", specifically toward the lead single "Not In Our CIty", has been exciting to say the least. Our good friends over at Fort Lowell Records out of WIlmington NC decided to run with the single and will be releasing an EP's worth of remixes for "Not In Our City" on the 18th of September. We were even able to craft a remix for the project. The label is considering this a precursor to "GROW" - their 12" compilation benefiting the Wilmington NAACP. Proceeds from the EP will also be donated to the Wilmington NAACP.

07/15/20: It has been a minute! There's no way that either of us could have predicted where we would be personally/socially/spiritually when we played our last live set four months ago. Well, we have been at work in the isolation! WE FINISHED THE NEW ALBUM! It should be everywhere for streaming/downloading on Friday, July 24th. In the meantime, we are offering up one of the tracks as a primer - "Not In Our City". This track features two special guests:

  • Will Stichter (Soporus) broke out the e-bow for his bass guitar lines on this cut.
  • Dr. Keith Anderson OK'd the use of his powerful presentation at last month's city council meeting here in our hometown.

You can stream "Not In Our City" over on the bandcamp page now. Next Friday, it should be everywhere you receive music. If you have seen us over the past year or so, you know that there has been a significant increase in the presense of rhythm. We think this new record is a potent representation of where we are sonically. Let us know what you think...

03/14/20: Happy PI Day! Another date at the infamous Art Rat is in the books. Ralph is ever the consumate host! His visual work takes up residence in this performance space which provides one of the more wonderfully surreal "set designs" one could possibly desire. We were able to reconnect with Star City friends and we also made a new pal in James Rosato aka Hypnagogue. His set last night was spirit transportation. In a perfeect world, we will be able to work with James more in the coming months.

02/08/20: We had a blast at the First Friday exhibit last night! The marathon session proved to be a near perfect accompaniment to a really engaging show from a collection of JMU faculty (show's up through the month - check it!). The highlight of the show was interacting with onlookers during the set. To see people of all ages wearing emotion on their faces as they studied our hands working across an 8' table full of gear. We'll be back at it March 13th in Roanoke...

01/12/20: HAPPY NEW YEAR! We've been away for a bit. Joey got married and their other project, TLVS, started working out a new album. Back in November, Joey also set in on a session that Nathan tracked for Blacksburg's Graven Image. That EP is up for order now with both versions (CASS/DIG) dropping in late February. Our next outing is a long overdue live date supporting a First Friday exhibit opening at the Academy Center in Lynchburg. Come out to the Gallery complex on February 7th - we'll be performing from 530P - 800P. Should be special!

04/01/19: So, March was quite the intense month for us. Three quality shows (Blacksburg, Greenville, & Roanoke) & we began working on a new record. Thanks to everyone who set up these shows, attended these shows, & bought records at these shows! As for the record, we began working off of the vibe that we have been creating live of late - leaning more into the electronic realm with echoed rhythms & dissonant textures. There will still be extended drone paths down which the mind can get lost (as with "These Words" - a track we self-produced this past winter), but we want to begin creating more recognizable movement. We set out to track as we write, which should result in a unique collection of sounds.

03/10/19: This past weekend, we found ourselves surrounded by several kindred spirits in the experimental music scene of Blacksburg VA. We all shared an enchanted evening in a historic space. If we have our way, we'll play more dates with Graven Image & Peat Bogs this year. Next up - we're heading back to NC for SPAZZ Fest (their tenth year!). Like last year, we've been invited to their "Cosmic Showcase", joining our HSAL brethren Ben Mauch & TLVS.

02/18/19: We are gearing up for some shows with both bands (honeybrandy & TLVS) this spring. This has allowed for a fair amount of gear reorganization & experimentation during rehearsals & writing sessions. To further whet the appetite for our new material, we just confirmed a special collaboration with labelmate Steve Scott (his 2017 full-length, "Cross My Heat" is absolutely tops!) If all goes to plan, we should have a new album (perhaps dropping on a label other than HSAL) by the fall...

12/08/18: Lately, we've been thinking through what will become our next album. Less improvisation? More "writing"? Perhaps more beat driven passages? It's all on the table right now. Expect a new record in 2019. We have begun setting up new gear & more traditional sound capturing techniques. To test things out, we tracked this here piece. It may or may not be where we are headed, but it was an enjoyable afternoon's worth of work nonetheless...

11/04/18: We spent a FANTASTIC weekend playing host to Philly based droners Soporus. One show in town at the Old City Cemetery Chapel & one out in a splendid art space nestled inside an outdated industrial park in southeast Roanoke. We four-tracked the sets in hopes of being able to harvest some live material. The results are now available fro streaming via the label (Harding Street Assembly Lab). SIDE NOTE: we met some RAD folks out of Blacksburg this weekend as well. If you get the chance, check out Graven Image. James & Kylie pull off this wonderfully soothing darkwave (is that even still a thing in 2018?).

04/30/18: A swell review of "Deaf Sharp" showed up over at jazz blog Bird Is The Worm today! We're not sure which is cooler - the vibe they say we created ("a detached ominous tone as if the recording studio had a window view of the cold abyss of outer space") or the company they've allowed us to keep in this wrap-up (that Trichotomy record is is rather choice as well). Read the entire review here!

03/26/18: SPAZZ Fest IX was a blast! It's always special when we get to play on bills like this one. Chapel Hill's Bryce Eiman & Durham's Clang Quartet struck with individual brands of intensity, while other acts employed their strains of electronic & organic noise. We continued to steer into our current palette of new age & minimal electronic hues. HSAL was able to capture our set & posted a cut from it on their soundcloud. If you get a chance to catch our good buddy Ben Mauch live, make that date. His new work is WONDERFUL!

02/27/18: Joey & Nathan's other project, TLVS, is releasing a new EP this week! "Wild Strawberry" is the result of several DIY recording sessions in various Lynchburg locales. It's the first time Joey has appeared on a proper TLVS release. In show news, we have been accepted into this year's SPAZZFEST! We're playing the "Cosmic Spazzfest" showcase (Sunday, 03/25) with such friends/luminaries as Clang Quartet, Ben Mauch, & Bryce Eiman.

12/26/17: Check out this year-end list of Virginia music! In depth reviews of a dozen records...many of which are friends of ours. HUGE THANKS to our good buddy Ben Mauch (who's en route to China for a month-long tour with his band Colin Phils) for all the kind words!

11/13/17: #BUMMER - we headed down to Greensboro (which has a quaint little town center just off the UNCG campus) for a set on the air at WUAG. After grabbing some right incredible wings (secret ingredient - Old Bay), we discovered that the radio show wasn't happening. We did meet a right cool professor who spent some time chatting about improvisation with us. Always good to find a silver lining...

11/06/17: Our show up in Philly was wonderful! So thankful to Ethan, Scott, & Matt for opening up their killer brew shop, Form Fermentery, to a night of spacey musics. Soporus was a perfect headliner, washing the entire space over with sounds from their most recent cassette, "Windswept Pile No. 1" (Burnt Toast Vinyl/Do You Dream Of Noise). Our next set will be on the airwaves in Greensboro, NC. We will be featured on "Radio Greensboro" this Sunday night (11/12/17) @ 8P. You can stream the entire set via WUAG on the tune in app.

10/07/17: HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out last night to our release show. We had a fantastic time connecting with folks we'd never met before, doing our best to explain "ambient music", & jamming out as a quartet (props to Todd Webb & Bob Pence!). A special thanks to those of you who purchased a copy of the LP. "Deaf Sharp" is now available at Speakertree should you decide to add us to your personal collection.

IF you were able to capture any memories from the show, we'd love to see them! Pics, videos, whatever. Tag us as you post - #honeybrandy.

Pictures from the LP release show stolen from a friend's Instagram feed...

10/02/17: Here's the poster that is going up around town to promote the LP release show! Thanks to HSAL for creating this visual (based on our LP cover) & for assembling such a rad show to celebrate the album.

Advert for LP Release Show on October 6th!
  • 09/29/17: Our debut LP, "Deaf Sharp" is out everywhere today! Regular copies should begin showing up on store shelves as the days grow shorter. The label (HSAL) is still selling the deluxe edition, which includes a CD with most everything else we have recorded to date, including our side of the split cassette with Oahu. Our local (Lynchburg VA) release show is one week from today (10/06/17) at the Schewel Theater inside of Riverviews. Speakertree will be selling deluxe editions across the hall & there will be a cash bar offering up shots of (what else?) HONEYBRANDY!


Cover photo courtesy of Joanna McGlothlin