Modern Mice Evolution By Morgan Potter

Algeria Mouse + Common House Mouse

Studies have shown that when differing species of mice produce offspring, they are most often weak and/or unable to survive yet the Algeria mouse and common house mouse have mated and produced an example of modern day evolution.


These mice once would have produced weak offspring but have now, due to evolution, brought into this world a new hybrid of mice. These hybrid mice were born strong and immune to poison warfarin (mice pesticides). Studies have shown that 50% of mice pups born from two different mice species are found to be sterile while these hybrid mice were found to be fertile.

Causes of the Adaptation

Scientists have found that a large amount of genes passed on from the parent caused the immunity to pesticides. While the house mice does not the Algerian mouse contains a natural gene that consists of a poison-resistant composition. This gene that was found within the Algerian mice were also responsible for vitamin K within the body.

Why Is This an Example of Modern Evolution?

This is a perfect example of modern evolution because we all are aware in our time of places that have or have had a problem with mice. We throughout our life times are aware of pesticides as a form of extermination for mice. Now while we all have been using pesticides these mice have been genetically modifying themselves to adapt and become immune to these pesticides. The definition of evolution is; the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. Based on definition, these mice have indeed adapted and evolved.


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