"The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" Mohammed-Ali Abdel-Fattah


I was very excited about going to this play, mostly because this would have been my first time going to an actual play where i was old enough to understand the things going on. going into the play I didn't really know what to expect from the play. at the end of the night going to the theater was a great experience and definitely one i would want to try again.

Spatial Experience

The theatre had this modern architectural feel to it with some of the painting and statues that were on display all over. Once my friends and I walked into the theatre we all felt the need to calm down and be quite. The size of the room has this daunting presence that you can feel right away, as soon as you walk into the place. When we walked in, we were directed to our seats, we were lucky and got seats that were towards the front of the theater, I feel like our seats enabled us to be even more into the play, since we were so close to the actors, and could see pretty much everything that was happening without interruption. This helps in the journey for the good life, because you have to push yourself to experience new things, and even though they might be out of your comfort zone, its about broadening your horizon and getting to know yourself.

Social Experience

I attended the play with some of my closest friends from high school. Going with friends made things more comfortable and familiar in a place that otherwise would not be. We all tried to do our research on what the play would be about just to know what to expect, so we read a lot of online reviews and found out that it is a play that has been performed many times across the country, which was very exciting to learn. Shared experience is very important in the good life, because that is what connects you to other people that you meet along your life's path. It is a lot easier to have a deep conversation with someone that has gone through the same things you have, they put you on a level playing field where you can understand each others point of view.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This play really highlighted some disturbing things that happened in the past. This play was mostly about the power of the arts and the impact that they can have in our lives, censorship and the corruption in the Catholic Church in early 1900s. This play also disturbing things like child labor and the horrible conditions that workers in factories had to deal with on a daily basis. this play really opened my eyes to the corruption in the church with the bishops trying really hard to cover up and keep secrets for fear of tinting their image in the eyes of the public.

Emotional Experience

This play definitely played on the audience's emotions, with one of the more likable characters in the play dying at the end of the play, because of all the corruption and horrible conditions in the factory. The play makes us question ourselves to see if we have don't enough to make sure that we never revert to those times again. Even though the audience didn't have any direct relation to what was happening in the play, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the family being forced to live their lives in such a horrible situation, and just wanting to help them even though I knew I couldn't.


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