Texting and Driving Zachary bogdon

Texting and Driving is very dangerous and kills many people. There are innocent lives being wasted because they just had to answer someone. People don't get to live out there entire life because of a dumb choice. There are so many reasons why texting and driving is a bad thing to do.

About anyone who drives could be affected by this situation and is very common. Why cant you just wait till you get out of the car to text that person. Or you can just pull over and answer if it is just that important. You should never text and drive especially when someone else is in your car. You are then risking there life for no reason.

I say you should never text and drive. It is not necessary to risk your life like that. I hate it when people do it. So just please don't text and drive just to waste your life for no reason.


Created with images by VladArtist - "car accident broken glass splatter" • ming1967 - "Texting at the traffic lights."

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