Indus River By ben

The Indus River is located in India. It is northeast to the Thar Desert. It runs through the Himalayan Mountains. The neighboring communities are waiting for some trades

The river floods every once in while leaving silt. The silt is great for farming. The river is great for transportation. Oh and I shouldn't forget trading with neighboring communities. Tempatures in the Indus River range 65°F to 90°F.

The Indus River has great farmland and fertile soil. It has plenty of clean water for bathing and drinking. Around the river has lots of plants and animals for food and clothing. The trees and plants are great for shelter and wood for fires. Towns along the Indus River get 5-20 inches of water each year.

In some areas around the river, it is really rocky. Now you may think that is bad for farming. I agree with you. But those rocks can be very helpful for shelter, transportation, and weapons. Those are very important for our survival. You can use the rocks for building a house in case of rain or any other type of bad weather. They would be great for transportation because you can use them for a boat. For weapons they would also be great because you can use them to hunt for food. You can also make tools like fishing polls to catch fish.

The water is very clean and fresh. You can drink the water so you're not dehydrated. Most rivers you drink from will have diseases. Not this one. You can also bathe in the water so you're not always dirty.

Here in the Indus River, the kids when they are done with their job they have free time and can play games. So if you're a kid, you'll have a great time.


"Come on down to Indus town"

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