Social and Cultural Istitutions and Slavery in Texas By Adeline Long

The state of Texas first started supporting the idea of school and education in 1845

Most of the first schools built in Texas were one-room log cabins

Some schools taught different langueanges like Latin and Greek

In the 1850's the church, as well as the population, expanded and grew throughout Texas

Telegraphs were means of communications that sent messages over wires across vast distances

Most slaves in Texas worked on farms

On an average day, a slave working in the fields could pick 150 to 200 pounds of cotton

By the 1850's, slaves made up about 20 percent of the population in Austin, Galveston, and Houston

Life for a slave was hard, and most were always thin, tired, and malnurreshed

Spirituals are religuos folk songs
Abolition means to put an end to slavery

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