War of the Roses By: adrien Derousse

The house of Lancaster was represented by a red roses and House of york by white rose
Henry Vl started becoming mentally ill. The first York to become king, Edward IV was king for much of the war from 1461 to 1470 and 1471 to 1483.
I think Richard lll was guilty because it was in that time zone when the princes went missing and they were found under the steps
Richard lll was killed in the battle of bosworth field
Henry Tudor married Edward Vl to get into the line to king


Created with images by Jangra Works - "Charming Valentine's Red Rose Flower #3 (Happy Rose Day)" • sportsilliterate - "White Rose" • Dun.can - "Burghley House" • lisby1 - "James V, King of Scotland, Father of Mary, Queen of Scots, Son of Margaret Tudor, Grandson of Henry VII"

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