November 2019 Character Hero Nominees

Our Students...

Lukas Herrman is nominated for Responsibility. Lukas is a bus buddy, and although his parent was here to pick him up, he followed through with his commitment of ensuring that our other student made it safely to the bus before he left to go home with his parent.

Moises Guzman is nominated for Responsibility, Kindness, Humility, Commitment, Gratitude and Cooperation. Moises led the cheering and team spirit at a recent volleyball game. He was even dressed up for the game. Rooting for others and encouraging others to do so is such an act of kindness and humility that elevates others. After the game he rallied the students to clean the bleachers.

Justice Lopez is nominated for Kindness, Respect, Empathy and Responsibility. I was walking through the halls, I saw a large piece of garbage on the floor so I picked it up. Justice was walking by at the same time and said "Don't worry about that Ms. Wright, I will take that for you." He took the garbage from me, threw it away and told me to have a good day. I think this shows incredible respect and kindness. To see a teacher picking up garbage and then to VOLUNTEER to do it for them. I have never seen a student do that and I was amazed at the level of character he demonstrated.

Emma Temple is nominated for Commitment, Kindness, Respect, Patience, Humility, Perseverance, Empathy, Gratitude, Cooperation, Responsibility and Honesty. Emma makes a conscious choice daily to be kind, not just nice. She is kind to everyone, even if they are not necessarily friends. She asks for help when she needs it doesn't give up when school work is hard or confusion. Emma goes out of her way to help other students and is very patient even when they seem frustrated. Emma helps to keep our school clean by cleaning up after others and she doesn't brag or complain.

Kyle Arnett is nominated for Kindness. Kyle is always a good listener and stays on task. He is always showing kindness and respect to his peers. He likes to talk to anyone, and it is always in a kind and respectful manner.

Carson Alejo is nominated for Kindness, Respect and Cooperation. He is always prepared and willing to participate in everything that we do.

Lane Thomas is nominated for Kindness, Respect, Patience, Cooperation and Responsibility. Lane is a hard worker in Science and a good leader.

Kathryn Prest is nominated for Commitment, Respect, Cooperation and Responsibility. She always does the right thing in Health and Fitness.

Faith Jones . is nominated for Kindness and Empathy. Fait is always willing to help others in Health and Fitness.

Michelle Sran is nominated for Kindness, Respect and Selflessness. Michelle gets it done -whatever it is!

Our Staff and Community...

Myra Andrews is nominated for Commitment, Kindness, Patience, Empathy, Responsibility and Selflessness. Myra opened the computer lab in Portable 1 every Wednesday for weeks to ensure every employee had an opportunity to access a computer to complete his/her SEBB healthcare enrollment. It showed quite a bit of commitment and also selflessness to give that opportunity to employees! Thank you!

Trish Kinkelarr is nominated for Commitment. Trish is a bus driver. I witnessed her commitment to assuring the safety of our kids the other morning. As she was stopped northbound on St Route 162 with her door open, STOP sign out and flashers on, the southbound vehicle in front of me was not yielding. Even though the student was entering the bus where traffic behind the bus was stopped, Trish noticed this and instructed the student to wait until the car had passed and assured that I was going to yield before permitting the student to enter the bus. What struck me about this was the time it took for Trish to recognize and anticipate what was going on. I noticed that bus was stopped while both me and the car in front of me were some distance away. It would have been logical to assume traffic would yield and allow the student to load and possibly the student may have been able to load before the car in front of me had passed but something triggered with Trish and she stopped everything until she was sure and she was right.

Danae Barnes is nominated for Commitment, Cooperation and Responsibility. She leads a department through some tough changes.

Jennifer Sanders is nominated for Commitment, Kindness and Selflessness. Ms. Sanders never passes up an opportunity to volunteer her help. I have never seen such a dedication to her fellow co workers and towards parents. When a teacher is out, she is the first to set up and get together any lesson plans that the substitute may need, per the absent teacher's request. When a teacher does not have a sub, she is the first to step up. She is thoughtful on a daily basis and has a kind and caring demeanor.

Krista Piger is nominated for Honesty. She does a great job telling the truth when supporting students.

Karen Bonnett is nominated for Patience. She exhibits this trait all the time!

Robin Joy is nominated for Courage. She does courageous things all the time! It makes her an amazing role model and counselor.

Connie Mares is nominated for Humility. She makes sure that students are well served and is continually putting their needs above her own.

Lori Olson is nominated for Kindness. It doesn't matter the situation or how someone treats her she will ALWAYS respond with kindness. She is such an inspiration to many because of her positive attitude and self control. I'm lucky to work with someone as incredible as she is.

Kevin Collins is nominated for Responsibility. He is very on top of everything he has to get done and follows through with what he says he is going to do. Such a great leader to work for!

Dave Slagle is nominated for Commitment. He is committed to student success and is bold with his goals while remaining supportive to the students and staff.

Colleen Flannagan is nominated for Commitment, Kindness, Respect, Patience, Humility, Courage, Perseverance, Empathy, Gratitude, Creativity, Cooperation, Responsibility, Honesty and Selflessness. Colleen Flannagan hits all the marks of a Character Hero! Colleen is an incredibly compassionate professional which is why she is a perfect fit for supporting special needs and homeless students as well as their family in her many roles; a true gem at OSD! Her personality also ripples throughout the building as she always has a smile on her face and willing to lend a hand even though she has a very, very heavy workload with her many responsibilities within the Student Support Services Department. Last week she even gave me a call to tell me she had the best candy ever in her office (Heath, of course) - made my day! Colleen is, without hesitation, incredibly worthy of the Character Hero award!

Matt Hundven & Denise Cailing and nominated for Commitment, Kindness, Creativity and Selflessness. Matt and Denise went above and beyond to find a solution for an employee who needed an adjustment to their workstation. Great customer service and always with a smile. Their commitment to staff and students is amazing and so appreciated!

Pam Schiesz is nominated for Selflessness. Pam Schiesz is a true team player and is always about looking for little ways to support her team and the OPS students. She is quick to offer help and can be counted on to step in during a time of need. Pam can be seen working with two classes of students at a time, taking a class to the buses or tying a shoe for a little one. She gives so much of her self and does this with a smile. Thank you Pam!