Newsletter 20 November 2020

Message from the Director of Wellbeing

Mrs Girzie Vanas


This year has been an interesting year. We have all learned to be flexible and adaptive, not only in our work and study environments but also in our social spheres. ‘Social distancing’ and ‘new restrictions’ are words we have heard all too often, but we have survived and become more resilient as a result.

So, what is resilience?

The Oxford dictionary describes resilience as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and bounce back from challenges. It is considered a measure of toughness. Now more than ever, it is important for us to help our students build their resilience. Building resilience will not only help students cope with the difficulties they deal with day to day, but will allow them to develop the skills and habits they will need to face the challenges they will encounter throughout their lives - from childhood, into adolescence and through to adulthood.

So how can we build resilience?

The Children's Resilience Research Project has shown there are 5 main areas that offer the best chance for building resilience in children.

As parents, carers, and teachers we can help young people develop essential skills, habits and attitudes for building resilience by:

• Teaching children how to build good relationships with others, including adults and peers

• Providing opportunities for children to build their independence

• Teaching skills that help them identify, express and manage their emotions

• Building their confidence and allowing them to take on personal challenges.

(for more information on how to build resilience click on the link below)

Building resilience in young people is something we need to do together, a partnership between home and school. It’s never too early or too late to get started. As College staff we look forward to partnering with you again in 2021, to help our students develop the life skills and habits they will need to bounce back from any given situation and enjoy their lives to the full.

- Girzie Vanas

Chaplains Corner

Pr Justin Boyd

Only a few weeks ago, I was in our nation's capital with our year six students. As we drove into the city after a long bus trip, I was reminiscing about my trip to Canberra in year six many years ago. For me, this trip became a key memory of my time in school. I remember that we stayed in the local Adventist Church hall. We had to go to the local swimming pool for showers each morning. We even had to pass a test on democracy before we even got to go on the excursion!

These memory events become an anchor in the lives of our children for years to come. It's been hard not having all the camps this year because they are such a vital part of building community at school.

The same happens at home, In our families. So whether you celebrate Christmas, Diwali, or Ramadan. Celebrate, build family traditions and create these memory anchors in your Children's lives. As we approach the end of the year, when many Christmas and New Years celebrations occur. I pray that God will bless you and your family as you share time and create memories together.

- Justin Boyd


Last Days of Term 4

As per the recent email, please note the following last day of term for our students:

Junior School - Wednesday 9 December

Middle School - Tuesday 8 December

Senior School - Monday 7 December

Please click the link below for 2021 Term Dates:

Changes to Presentation Evening

Due to the ongoing restrictions for schools in regards to COVID-19, and the need to ensure social distancing, it has been decided by College Administration to hold these events during the daytime this year, as a student-only event. These events will be divided into three programs The programs will be live-streamed for parents to be able to watch, and the recording of the programs will be available afterwards for those not able to watch live.

As per previous emails, please note the following details:

Junior School - Wednesday 9 December

Middle School - Monday 7 December

Senior School - Monday 7 December

Thank you for your understanding as we endeavour to arrange these important events to best protect the health of students, staff and our families in the College community

Is Your Suburb Changing Name?

Blacktown Council has recently announced there will be changes to the naming of certain suburbs in the Schofields/Quakers Hill/Riverstone area. If you are affected by this change, please contact our Registrar, Mrs Reilly at: registrar@hills.adventist.edu.au to let her know of the change to your address, so the College can update our records. Thankyou for noting this

Vacation Care

Please note that Expression of Interest are now being taken for Vacation Care in December and January, and After School Care in 2021. Please click on the links below to view more information, and if you have any questions, please contact Laura, Area Manager at: lauraca94@icloud.com. Please note the upcoming Vacation Care program over December and January will be held at Kellyville Campus.

Message from Transport NSW - Student Opal Cards

From January onwards, there will be a number of School Opal cards expiring, as the physical card has reached its lifespan.

These are cards for students who will be in years 8 to 12 in 2021, and only those Opal cards which haven’t been replaced in the last five years.

Impacted students and/or their parent/guardian will be contacted directly by Transport for NSW via email or post. They will be asked to confirm their details online in order for a new School Opal card to be sent to the correct postal address in time for the new school year.

If contacted by Transport for NSW, details should be submitted online (see link below) by December 1, 2020 at the latest. Affected students who do not confirm their details in time will have a new School Opal card posted to the address we currently have on file.

Early Learning Centre Vacancies

Looking for a caring, nature filled experience for your 3 year old? Pre-School places open for 2021!

Left: Pre-School; Right: Prep

Our Early Learning Centre at Castle Hill Campus currently has limited vacancies in their Pre-School (3-4 years) and Prep (4-5 years) rooms. If you, or someone you know, is looking for a caring environment with an excellent school-readiness program, please enquire with our Director, Mrs Elna Hale on 9851 5100. The centre offers care from 8:00am to 5:30pm.

Second Hand Uniforms for Sale

Kellyville Campus office has limited second-hand uniforms for sale:

All 2nd hand shirts girls/boys $5.00 - $10

Trousers $10-$20

All girls skirts $20

Sports tops and shorts – all $10 each piece

If you would like to donate your old uniforms, please drop them off at either Castle Hill or Kellyville reception.

Late Pick-Up From School

Please note that we have After School care at both Castle Hill and Kellyville Campuses. This service runs until 6:00pm. If you know you will not be able to pick up your child by the end of staff supervision time (3:35pm at Kellyville and 3:20pm at Castle Hill), please arrange with our after school care provider, Mini Miracles to obtain a casual booking with them for the day. If you know you are going to be late on a regular basis, please arrange an ongoing booking with them. Application forms for casual or ongoing bookings can be obtained from the College office, otherwise, you can contact the Mini Miracles Area Manager directly at: lauraca94@hotmail.com. Mini Miracles have very reasonable rates, and are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy.

School Car Park Reminder

As you pick up and drop off students at school, please respect the 10km/hr speed limit in our school car parks at all times, and be careful as you drive in and around the school, particularly when reversing. We thank you for helping care for our students by your careful driving habits in and around the College.


Remembrance Day

Last week, our students commemorated Remembrance Day by participating in a special assembly on each campus. A minutes silence was held to remember our fallen soldiers. At our Castle Hill campus each class created a poppy wreath to place near the flag during the service.

Fastest Typers In Australia!

Our Junior School students develop their touch typing skills through an online program titled 'Typing Tournament'. There is a typing challenge each term to see which registered class can type the quickest. Congratulations to our Year 2 class at Castle Hill for being the fastest class in their age group in Australia this term. Special congratulations go to Shawn G who practises almost every day and has a fastest typing speed of 65 wpm. Year 2 practice Typing Tournament regularly in class and as part of homework each week.

Shawn G, Year 2

- Mrs Tuitama

Healthy is Delicious!

Year 7 and 8 Mandatory Technology (Food & Agriculture) students had fun last week presenting their "healthy is delicious" party food – the best part was the eating ! They researched healthy foods using the Australian Dietary Guidelines and found recipes that they could cook for their classmates. The standard was exceptionally high and the dishes were delicious.

- Mrs Martin & Mrs Fraser

Year 12 Formal

Despite the challenging and eventful year they have had, Year 12 students were able to enjoy the last event of their schooling life, at the Year 12 Formal at Gunners Barracks at Mosman recently. They all looked amazing and enjoyed a great night.

Thanks to Miss Menzies for her organisation of this event, being particularly challenging due to COVID restrictions that had to be abided by. She was ably assisted by Miss Baxter, her fellow Year 12 teacher. We thank our Year 12 Homeroom Teachers for their commitment and dedication to our Year 12 students this year. We would also like to thank our Year 12 families for their support of the students during this stressful time, and wish all our Year 12 students the best as they move on to the next exciting chapter in their lives. We will miss them!