St Joseph's Newsletter Term Four, Week Nine

"The greatest path to enlightenment is the path of humility." Sri Avinash

Dear Families and Friends,

It has been fantastic to hear the abundance of positive comments about our Christmas Concert held last Wednesday. The students are to be commended on their terrific performances. A big thank you to:

  • Kelvin Pine, who provided crystal clear sound
  • The parents and friends who looked after the BBQ
  • Agnes who led us in the welcome to country and a blessing for the departing staff members
  • Parents, Grandparents, carers, and other family members and friends who attended
  • The staff and students who worked so hard towards making the night the success that it was!

This Week

Congratulations to the students who spent time today visiting the residents at Juniper and delivering Christmas hampers to a number of families within the community. Thank you to Miss Deb Rocke for her hard work in ensuring a large number of people can enjoy a brighter Christmas this year. A big thank you to Dean White who donated a huge variety of sporting goods including uniforms and football boots!

All families and friends are welcome to attend the final of St Joseph's has got Talent which will be held in our library beginning 1:10pm this Thursday. Reports will also be sent home with students.

We will farewell our Year Six students in style at our Graduation/End of Year Mass on Friday morning beginning 8:30am. We look forward to seeing you there.

Specialist classes for 2020

I am delighted to announce the following specialist classes for next year:

Mrs Sophie Waideman will be providing DOTT release for Pre-Primary, Year One and Year Two classes. Library, Art and Health will be some of the learning areas Sophie will be responsible for

In addition to teaching one day a week in Year Three, Miss Tanya Lockwood will be teaching Art for the middle and upper primary classes

Mrs Kate Carew will continue in her role as our Reading Recovery specialist teacher in addition to delivering Library and Health lessons for some of our classes

We welcome Mr Thomas Zahra to our staff team for 2020. Thomas will be teaching the middle and upper primary classes and will be responsible for our Physical Education program.

Staff Farewells

Thank you and farewell to Mrs Jo Anderson who has worked at our school for almost 2 years. During this time, Jo has made valuable contributions in her roles as a Teaching Assistant and leading our Physical Education program this year.

We also say farewell to Mrs Jen Rudyard. Jen has accepted an Assistant Principal position at St Mary's College Broome commencing at the beginning of next year. She has worked tirelessly as a classroom teacher, Art teacher, Religious Education leader and ICT coordinator. We wish her, Olive and Jamie all the very best for the future.

P&F and School Board News

Farewell and thank you to Board Treasurer Jamie Stewart ; his financial knowledge has been invaluable over the past two years.

In 2020 we will be seeking volunteers to take on new roles within the School Board. A combined Board/P&F Meeting will be held on Wednesday 12th February where vacant positions will be filled. New Board and P&F members are always most welcome.

Principal's Message

There has been plenty to celebrate this year and I look forward to building upon these successes next year. For those families who are leaving, thank you for the contribution you have made to our school and all the best for the future. To those who are returning, I look forward to working alongside you and the St Joseph's staff in producing the best possible outcomes for all students in 2020. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday.

Beginning of 2020

Please note that the first day of school for all students next year will be Tuesday 4th February. There will be two school closure days on the 30th and 31st January before all staff travel to Warmun for Professional Development on Monday 3rd February. The school office will be open from 28th January—3rd February.


  • Friday 13th December: Final day for students, End of Year and Graduation Mass in the library beginning 8:30am

Term Dates 2020

  • Term 1: 4 Feb– 9 April
  • Term 2: 29 April—3 July
  • Term 3: 21 July—25 Sept
  • Term 4: 13 Oct—11 Dec

School Closure Days 2020

  • Monday, 3 February (PD)
  • Tuesday, 28 April (PD)
  • Friday, 29 May (Catholic Day)
  • Monday, 20 July (PD)
  • Monday, 12 October (PD)

Have a great week.

Tim Hogan, Principal

Christmas Concert Photos

Mindfulness in Year 2

As a class, this year we have been focusing on self-regulation and are using mindfulness as a strategy to teach students how to manage their emotions. Each day after lunch our class spends at least 5 minutes being mindful. There are many different techniques being trialled including body scans, breathing techniques - finger breathing, belly breathing, feather breathing and scripted or recorded mindful stories. Our favourite app we use to facilitate these techniques is called ‘Smiling Minds.’ This app has different activities and strategies tailored to specific age groups.

Not only have we been doing mindful meditation, but we also have a corner of our class room dedicated to calming down! Located in our trusty green box are different tools we use to help us calm down. These include: feathers, sensory toys, water bottles full of glitter, bubbles, colouring in, emotion cards and/or mindfulness cards. Here are some examples of Year 2 students favourite ways to calm down!

Feather breathing:

When you breathe in you pull the feather up when you want to breathe out you drop the feather. When the feather hits the ground you can breathe at your normal rate – Cassidy Corey

5 finger breathing:

Spread your hand out and get your other hand to trace your fingers. When you breathe in you put your finger up and when you breathe out your finger goes down like you are tracing your hand. – Patrick Birch

Glowing bubble breathing:

Close your eyes and you imagine you have a bubble inside yourself and each time you take a breath it floats down to your legs then it goes higher up to your arms then up to your head then you can breathe the bubble out slowly. – Charmaine lewis

Calming toys:

Hold calming toys in our hands – Bruno he is our class weighted toy dog. – Alanaysha Carlton

Feedback from students has been very positive with comments such as....

“I feel very relaxed and happy” Fergus

“Bruno makes me feel calm” Ezmayah Johnson

“After smiling minds I feel warm and ready to go onto my next learning stuff”- Charmaine

Please take the opportunity to discuss with your child what is their favourite way to calm down or be mindful. Maybe they can teach you some of their techniques!

Miss Elle Tierney

Books For Sale

Still looking for Christmas presents? These books written by the Diddams family would make a great gift! For sale in the undercover area before school this week.

St Vincent Pallotti Church

Mass Times

  • Tues-Fri Evening Mass 5.30pm
  • Sunday 8.30am
  • Christmas Vigil Mass 6.30pm 24 December
  • Christmas Day Mass 8.30am 25 December
  • Happy New Year Mass 8.30am 1 January

Cnr Leichhardt Street & Konkerberry Drive

Upcoming Events


You can now enrol your children in VacSwim swimming lessons for the October school holidays.

With swimming pools and beaches a big part of the Western Australian lifestyle, it’s important your children are safe in the water.

Programs are available for children from five to 17 years and cater to all skill levels – from beginners to those doing their Bronze Medallion. They are being offered at pool venues across the State.

Enrol your children in VacSwim now at:


Book Club


If your child requires prescription medication during the school day, a Student Medication Administration Request must be filled out by parents/carers. These are available from the office. We are unable to administer medications without a signed form, even if verbal permission is given over the phone or to the school bus driver. Thank you for your cooperation.




When your child sleeps well, he’s more settled, happy and ready for school the next day. Good-quality sleep helps your child concentrate, remember things and behave well. This helps him to be a successful learner.

Getting enough sleep also strengthens your child’s immune system and reduces the risk of infection and illness.

Children aged 3-5 years need around 11-13 hours of sleep a night. Some might also have a day nap of about an hour.

Children aged 5-11 years need 10-11 hours sleep a night. They’re usually tired after school and might look forward to bedtime from about 7.30 pm.

Most teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Some need as little as 7 hours or as much as 11 hours.

· A good night’s sleep is essential for your child’s learning, because it helps him concentrate, remember things and behave well.

· Sleep problems can affect how well your child learns.

· Behaviour strategies can solve some sleep problems. So can a bedtime routine, morning sunlight, regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Some sleep problems that affect learning are caused by medical issues. See your GP if you’re concerned.

For further information, see the Raising Children Network:


Ruth Rummery Hoath, School Health Nurse


As you may be aware, head lice are an ongoing problem at the school and it is a continuous battle to keep the problem under control.

Can you please check your child / children's hair for head lice and nits, which are tiny silvery specks, found along the base of the hair shaft near the scalp. It is recommended that all family members have their hair checked and treated as this condition spreads rapidly.


If your child is found to have Head Lice or Nits they need to be excluded from the school until the day after treatment has commenced.

Treatments are available from the Supermarket, and the Chemist – use as per instructions on the bottle.

You can also use Hair Conditioner – cover the hair in conditioner, and comb with a fine tooth comb to remove the nits and lice. Wash out the next morning. Repeat this process for 10 days, to completely remove all nits and kill the breeding cycle.

It is advisable to continue checking your school age children at least twice a week and even more regularly during an outbreak.

St Joseph’s School is a Nut Awareness Zone

We have a student who has a touch-sensitive, life-threatening nut allergy. Please do not send nut products to school in recess or lunch boxes. This includes peanut butter, Nutella and many muesli bars.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Canteen Volunteers Wanted

Miss Kris is looking for parents or friends of the St Joseph’s community who may be able to lend a hand. As they say, many hands make light work! If you can assist in any way, please have a chat with Kris or the Principal.

St Joseph’s School Uniforms

At St Joseph’s School we take great pride in our appearance. The school uniform is also an important aspect of child health and safety. It is a requirement that all students wear a St Joseph’s uniform (including a hat with our logo) that is purchased from our uniform shop. Similar items bought elsewhere may not be worn to school.

Please note that our “no hat, no play” policy will be enforced.

See our website for a full range of uniform items.

Uniforms may be purchased at any time from our office.

Praying the Rosary

Sr Marcella will lead us in one decade of the rosary each Friday at 7:35am on the grass outside the administration building. Please feel welcome to join us for five minutes of prayer.

New Enrolment Policy

The West Australian School Education Act (1999) stipulates that information about immunisation status and date of birth must be supplied when applying to enrol at school. As of 2018, a child’s birth certificate and immunisation documents must be provided before they can commence their schooling at St Joseph’s.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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