Love is for Life... At least in the animal world

Albatrosses live for up to 80 years. These large sea birds have wings that stretch more than 3 metres wide. They fly above the oceans for years. But they always return home to their nests to mate. And they remain with the same mate for their whole lives.

Wolves are famous for their pack mentality and will live in groups of six to ten individuals that are established by a set hierarchy.
Often the dominate male and female, called the alphas, will mate for life and are usually the only ones to breed
Be Mine

During winter Magellanic penguins swim in the ocean, then in spring they return to the land. They are ready for love!! However, the mates have been separated. Each penguin needs to find his or her mate again, from the 100,000 penguins who are walking about each penguin looking for its mate. All the penguins calling at the same time. It is a very noisy crowd. But each penguin can identify the sound of his or her own mate and true love wins again

While many know them as a symbol for freedom and strength, bald eagles are also considered for their life-long commitments.

During breeding season, both the male and female build a giant nest out of sticks and tend to their eggs together.

Only a mother could love us!!

They are a dedicated duo until death do they part—only then will the surviving bird move on to find another mate.

How many more animals can you find that mate for life?

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