Computer and Information Research Scientist Such as C.I.R.S

What do they do?

Duties Computer and information research scientist typically do is Explore fundamental issues in computing and develop theories and models to address those issues to help scientist and developers solve complex computing problems invent new computing languages.

Work environment

The industries that employed the most computer and info research scientist were Federal Government excluding postal service 28%.

How to become one

You can become one by going one of 6 colleges that have does classes or go and fill a application in a web site


You get paid $53.18 per hour its not bad and you get paid $110,620+ per year its really good.

Job Outlook

C.I.R.S are likely to have excellent jobs prospect It is more then just getting money but you have to in joy your job.

There is only 64

there is only 64 colleges that is approve to this job and there is only 6 in Austin and you can go and apply or get a test online


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