Briana Ramirez's car decoration perhaps summed up the entire evening at Vado Speedway Park where Gadsden ISD's Gadsden High School Class of 2020 graduated after a long delay caused by the pandemic. Several hundred cars full of graduates paraded on the track at Vado Speedway Tuesday night to receive their diplomas. Briana will be attending Dona Ana Community College.

Gadsden High graduating seniors Adriana and Alejandra Reyes, twins, recorded a selfie video before they drove into the Vado Speedway to receive their diploma.

Although no public was allowed to attend the graduation at Vado Speedway, these Gadsden High faculty members nonetheless cheered their students outside the park as they drove by to receive their diploma in the park.

Family members of Vivian Valenzuela, Gadsden High Valedictorian, hang out of the car window to take pictures as she received her diploma from principal Hector Giron.

"We made it" meant not only a Gadsden High senior graduating but also this car and passengers made it after a long wait as hundreds of cars bearing seniors lined up for historic ceremonies held at Vado Speedway Park.

Superintendent Travis Dempsey waves the checked flag to begin the historic graduation ceremonies for Gadsden High Class of 2020, the first school ever to hold their graduation ceremonies at the Vado Speedway Park. The site was located to accommodate all students in an environment that complied with the New Mexico Department of Health and state requirements of gathering limited to 10 people. No public was allowed.

Chaparral High media production students under the supervision of Stephen Gabaldon watch their monitors as the Gadsden High Class of 2020 graduation ceremonies unfolded Tuesday night at Vado Speedway Park.

Members of the GISD Board of Trustees wave their racing banners as the backdrop of the graduation ceremony banners announced Desert Pride Academy and Gadsden High School Class of 2020 Tuesday night at Vado Speedway Park.

Gadsden High parents and friends lined up as they prepared to enter the Vado Speedway Park Tuesday night for a historic night of firsts for GISD.

Anthony Elementary principal Guillermo Carmona manned the computers to monitor the YouTube live feed of the Gadsden High Class of 2020 graduation ceremonies held Tuesday night at Vado Speedway Park.

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