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Todays fast paced lifestyle can leave you feeling like all your time is taken up with complex tasks, things to do and people to see. At Module-AR Ltd we want to help elevate the burden by bringing you a faster way of getting things done.

Module-AR Ltd specialise in Modular buildings with a wide range of design options and specifications to construct the building of your dreams. Furthermore, Off-Site construction allows your building to adapt and grow to suit the needs of your business, as additional modules can be added to the existing building in the form of extensions or even entire new floors.

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With modular construction; the foundations on site and the construction of the modules can be completed simultaneously. Additionally, our factory-based pre-fabrication speeds up the construction process compared to traditional site-built projects. Correspondingly, due to construction taking place in a factory controlled environment, the Module-AR construction team can use repetitive techniques and advanced equipment to help decrease the overall build time. Weather delays are also not a factor with modular construction, so we can avoid setbacks that are common with on-site construction. All of these factors help reduce programme times.

2. Programme certainty

Not only is the overall programme time significantly quicker than site-built methods, our modular solutions provide precise programme certainty. As factory controlled construction methods are utilised; adherence to project deadlines, quality and financial control can be guaranteed.

3. Cost certainty

Labour costs, material costs, overheads and more can all be calculated precisely to ensure budgetary control. Moreover, labour costs can be reduced compared to traditional builds, as Off-Site construction uses a locally employed workforce. Also, Module-AR buildings leave the manufacturing facility with a range of internal fittings, external cladding, roofing and windows having already been installed – this leads to quicker assembly on site and further reduces the final fit-out time. The overall cost-effectiveness of modular solutions is one of the largest advantages when compared to traditionally built structures.

4. Quality control

At Module-AR, product manufacturing is a process whereby tight tolerances and quality control are top priorities. As the buildings are assembled in controlled environments, the majority of the build process is sheltered from the elements which helps reduce defects and ensures extremely high quality finishes. Furthermore, the modular method of factory-production helps designers, engineers, and builders spot problems, if there are any, early on and therefore can be quickly rectified.

5. Design Flexibility

Module-AR can provide a wide range of design options and specifications to construct the building of your dreams. Furthermore, Off-Site construction allows your building to adapt and grow to suit the needs of your business, as additional modules can be added to the existing building in the form of extensions or even entire new floors.

6. Sustainability

The modular building approach has numerous sustainability advantages compared with site-built methods. Module-AR’s manufacturing facilities use precision construction equipment & detailed designs. Therefore waste is greatly minimised and what little unused materials that are surplus to requirements are segregated and recycled. This helps reduce the millions of tons of construction waste that ends up in landfills each year. Moreover, materials that are used in our constructions are 100% recyclable and are procured from well-managed and environmentally-sound sources. We source timber from sustainable FSC® and PEFC™ registered companies, which demonstrates how we prioritise and demand the use of sustainable & recyclable materials. Another advantage is the very little impact on the local environment during the on-site construction process. A study conducted by WRAP identified site-traffic reductions of 83%, compared to site-build assembly, resulting in less air & noise pollution.

7. Full turnkey solutions.

To suit any clients’ requirements, Module-AR building solutions range from simply constructing and delivering modules to the site; to a full ‘Turnkey’ solution whereby we provide everything from start to finish and manage the entire process.

8. Cutting edge technology

Module-AR utilise the very latest technology at our manufacturing facility in order to provide innovative and sustainable modular solutions. Breathable building compliant, BREEAM excellent, rainwater harvesting, roof-mounted photovoltaics, solar-shading brise soleil and vibration-free floors are just a few examples of the innovative solutions we provide.

9. Reduced defects & Snagging

A controlled factory-based process, high-quality manufacturing tools and expert staff help to ensure that construction defects are minimised. Furthermore, the reduced exposure to the elements and with most manufacturing occurring Off-Site, a reduction in snagging is another benefit of modular buildings.

10. Selection of financing options

Both the hire and sale of modular buildings are options at Module-AR. Temporary accommodation, from a few months to a number of years, can be the most appropriate solution for a number of projects. Or on the other hand the sale of a permanent structure is also an option for a long-term solution. With Module-AR, no matter the size or length of time the solution is needed, each project is completed with the highest quality.

11. Ability to recycle existing buildings

Pre-owned modular buildings are an extremely environmentally friendly option compared with an equivalent newly manufactured building. Utilising recycled buildings is a cost-effective solution where budget constraints apply.

12. Minimal disruption

Due to construction taking place at the factory rather than at site, the number of vehicles travelling to and from the construction site is greatly reduced compared to traditional building methods. This has a knock on effect to the local community as disturbance, noise & dust pollution are also greatly reduced.

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