Ben and Max Adventures

I began my incredible journey in Crystall Clouds. I was only 5 when I precipitated out of a Crystall cloud. I was with my mom for 1 second then the next second Kerplunk, she was gone! I didn't now we're she went I couldn't find her anywhere, I looked all over while I was falling. I fell into a deep water whole, I was scared I might never find my family again!

During my journey I met another water droplet. "Hi my name is Ben.'' "Who are you.''

"I'm Max, how long have you been down here.''

"I have been her for 10 days, people are saying we are about to leave though. I then evaporated back up in the clouds later that day.

"I'm back and I'm so excited to be here again!'' Ben shouted. Max explained,

"Ben this place is called Paradise Clouds not Crystal Clouds I'm really sorry?"

"Oh that's all right." Ben replied.

"I am going to go look around." Ben replied "Ok can I come with you." Max asked.

"Sure if you want to." Ben explained

While I was sleeping I accumulated out of the cloud,into a freezing crevasse. I began to slowly slide off the Diamond Glacier and in to the freezing water. I fell asleep when I woke up I was infiltrating down under the ground. I didn't now how I got there, so I struggled to find my way out. After 6 mounts I got out and woke up in Raging Rivers.

When I was sliding down the river I met back up with my friend Max. I yelled, "Maaxxxxxxx." But then he disappeared. All of a sudden I dropped right then and there. Splash whoosh, I felt the water bones crackling in my body. Max had to cary me to a cold plant. I moved but then and fell off the leave and, sunk back into the cold ground. When I was falling I was screeched, "Maaaaxxxxx."

When I was sinking in the ground I saw no one. All of a sudden Max yelled " Beeeennnnnn!" Max jumped down to save me. He dug a hole so we didn't have to stay here long, he had rope around his chest. We got out safe and sound.

We got up I could smell the fresh air. I shouted " This air is so nice I don't want to go back in the ground."

Max yelled back " Are you ok." I

"Ya I accidentally fell off the leave."

"Oh I am so sorry I didn't catch you."

"Oh that is all right." I exclaimed "Max what is happening to use ahhhhhh." I shouted as I evaporated back to the clouds.

"We are going into the clouds." We were in the clouds after 5 minutes. The clouds were as fluffy as cotton candy. What place is this called " This place is called Crystal Clouds.!" "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is my home!" I shouted "Will you help me find my parents?" I shouted.

"Sure." Max replied

One minuets later, "Hi are you Ellie and Gregg." Ben exclaimed.

"Yes who are you?" Gregg replied

" I am your son." I exclaimed "Beeeennnnn." They both shouted

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