Eulogy Project bY: lILLIAnna Matthews

My Own:

It is with sadness that we gather here today to mourn the death of Lillianna. Although she was very quiet and reserved, she had impacted many. However, we should not focus on the grief and celebrate the accomplishments that she had, even though there was few.

Lillianna didn’t socialize very well and often preferred to be alone, but we here all got the chance to know her. She was a good daughter and friend. At times she may have been difficult, but she mostly just wanted those around her to be happy and to that we should all try to remember her at least for some of the good things that she has done.


Johnny was more than just a greaser. He had given his life to save children he felt had a brighter future. Which is untrue, he was hero all in his own. Even before the newspapers titled him as one. He had it rough at home and the gang became his replacement family. They tried their hardest and cared so much for Johnny. The gang needed Johnny just as much as Johnny needed the gang.

We’re here today to remember him not as a greaser; but as a hero, an acquaintance, and a friend. He would want us now not to forget that even without him the world can still be good and new, just as he wanted for Dally. Today we should celebrate his accomplishments and overall such a positive impact he had on everyone.


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