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My name is Ashlin Hiller. I was born and raised in a town outside of Missoula. I play softball all summer long and get the chance to travel the western part of the United States. I enjoy photography and reading in my spare time. I have gone through two years of photography classes at Sentinel High School.

My Photography



Photography One

Here are a few photographs that I captured during photography one.

The photograph of the mountain was taken up at my cabin during hunting season. The rest of the photos were taken around Sentinel High School.

Photography Two



This is Sicily Moon. She loves all things artsy and photography. Sicily loves listening to music especially Oh Wonder, Sylvan Esso, and Mumford and Sons. She is one of my best friends so we know a lot about each other. Before I took this picture she winked at me, so I decided to capture her smiling and winking. This shoot was harder because the goal was to make each picture look natural. This moment was one moment she look natural and like she was having fun.
This is Jessinia Peso. She runs in track and likes photography. I took this picture while she was just getting ready for pictures. I wanted all of my traditional portraits to look natural rather than forced. This photo was taken when she was doing something natural. This picture was hard to. When I tried getting rid of the hair on her arm it wasn't going well and became a distraction to the rest of the picture.
This is Austin Dennison. He wasn't paying attention to me because he was being photographed by someone else at the time. To me he looks lost in thought and in a natural position. I wanted to enhance the color of his skin and the color of his eyes as best as I possibly could. The one problem with this picture is the fuzziness. The shutter speed was slow and hard to adjust since we were in a dark room.


Sicily Moon is a good friend of mine. Her and I both wanted to take pictures near a window. Her looking out of the window makes me wonder "What is she looking at?" The cars in the background were colored so i decided to make everything but her black and white. In the future I would position her so there wasn't a bar running through her face. I would also get all of her head since the top and sides are a little cut off.
In the mornings we hang out in the library. On the north end of the library it is all windows. I wanted her to stand where the light would bring in some color to her face. There was a fan blowing on her hair so I had to get rid of all the flyways. I brought some color into her cheeks and lips during the editing process.
Walt Whitman is one of her favorite poets and "Leaves of Grass" is her favorite book by him. To me her eyes are so pretty and they tell a story. I wanted to show her eyes and the title of the book. In the future i would have positioned her in front of the lights so you wouldn't see them and I would try to get rid of the small distractions behind her.


These books are both written about times during World War II. WWII is one thing I enjoy learning about from the past. The only thing I would change about this picture is getting the author's name included. I decided to have shadows from a small tree be shown on the books because to me it brought out some depth to the picture. This picture was easy to take despite the shadows from the trees. My main focus was on the titles of the books and having both of them clear. I also wanted to show the top of Between Shades of Gray because the cover is beautiful. Even though you can barely see the cover of the book you can still see some of it and I think it helps add depth to the picture.
I received the pencils as a gift. They had not been used, so I decided to use them as my props. I wanted to incorporate all the pencils as well as the crayola logo. When editing I enhanced to colors and cropped the picture. The one thing I would change is getting a closer shot of the pencils. While I was shooting the pencils I changed the position of them as well as where I had the camera. I had a few pictures of the pencils from below but decided I wanted all of the pencils incorporated into the picture.
I decided to get close to this coaster because I wanted to show the contrast between the colors. I would probably change the angle I took the picture at to show how tall the coaster is. This picture was easy because the coaster is round. I didn't have to worry about making a chain straight or having terrible shadow. The easy part of this assignment was getting the purple and gold to pop. I wanted to make those colors pop. In the future I might also change the color of the sheet and have it white to help contrast the colors of the coaster and have them pop out more.
With this necklace I wanted to have the focus mostly on the spartan pendant. I took the liberty to cut off the top of the chain because I did not think it was necessary for the picture. The easy part about this picture was the way the necklace was positioned. The hard part was getting the lighting to look right in the necklace and having the pendant in focus more than the necklace chain. In the future I would add the whole chain to the picture and probably change the position the necklace was laying in.
These are my two advertisements for product photography. For the crayons I looked for a slogan and decided to use "Everything Imaginable". For the necklace I wanted to have a saying and on the website for Sentinel it says "Forward thinking, High achieving". When I was going through all of my pictures finding the one for the advertisement was difficult. I wanted to use a picture that would be easier to edit and a picture that wouldn't need a lot of words.

Alphabet Photography

I decided to capture letters that spelled my first name. I wanted the theme to be outdoors and along the colors of red and green. I decided to keep the books for the "n" because I love to read. This assignment was fairly easy. Finding letters in nature became easier the more I looked around and opened my eyes. One thing that was difficult was trying to keep the same color scheme and same idea of each letter. In the future I would probably take the books outside to help keep the theme of the outdoors.

Pop Art

I choose this picture of Sicily because she was smiling and happy. The texture of the pictures is called texture on Photoshop and I used different gradients. The easy part was finding the right picture to use but the hard part was figuring out what colors I was going to use. In the future I would change the colors I did use and have a larger range of colors.

Photography Business

If I take on photography in the future I would like to be a freelance Landscape and portrait photographer. I want to live in either Washington, Oregon or Montana. I would capture the mountains and the ocean. Being a photographer would be more of a side job, but I would still enjoy doing it on any free weekends as much as possible

Two Dozen Field Shoot

This field shoot was taken up at my cabin in Fish Creek. When I was taking these pictures it started to become hard. But my dog came over the were I was standing and started walking around. This allowed me to get more pictures with him walking around. I took one of my favorite pictures during this shoot. It's the picture of the pine cone on the right side of the photo. The pine cone was on the ground looking perfect so I snapped a few shots. I enjoyed this assignment because it caused me to think outside the box when taking pictures and to be creative in finding more than ten pictures at once.

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