Digital Professional Development Portfolio James Smith Evergreen Park Community High School

Google Classroom {August 2016}

Google Classroom was the first Learning Management System (LMS) presented to our staff this year. Google Classroom allows teachers to post notes, assessments, videos, pictures, and more to enhance the classroom experience.

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) {September 2016}

In September GAFE was presented in order to familiarize the staff with the variety of Google products that were suitable for the classroom. The focuses of the session included Docs, Sheets, Froms, & Slides {October 2016} checks for plagiarism, grammatical mistakes, and allows teachers to provide valuable feedback through audio or digital means.

ClassKick {October 2016}

ClassKick allows teachers to see what their students are doing in real time! Students can ask for and provide feedback to their peers and teachers. This is one of my all-time favorite apps!

Planboard {November 2016}

Planboard helps teachers create digital lesson plans that can be shared with students, parents, teachers, and administration.

Pear Deck {November 2016}

Pear Deck is a directed presentation application. Unlike PowerPoint, students have enhanced capabilities to provide feedback, ask/answer questions. Also, teachers can create polls, check for understanding, and assess knowledge. {December 2016}

Remind is an amazing communication tool. Be able to send content and reminders to mobile devices without having to exchange cell phone numbers. Additionally Remind creates digital communication logs.

Quizlet {December 2106}

Quizlet creates digital flashcards that can be used to enhance vocabulary and memorization of facts. Quzlet can also be shared and played in fun ways to ensure student engagement.

Kahoot! {January 2017}

Possibly the most popular assessment app, Kahoot! provides engaging assessments that creates data for teachers in order to informally assess student learning.

Quizizz {January 2017}

Quizziz is another assessment tool that can be shared between students and teachers. Quizziz provides many modes of asking questions and provides feedback in engaging and entertaining capacities.

EdPuzzle {January 2017}

Edpuzzle allows teachers to add, edit, and voice over educational videos. Teachers can then assign the videos to their classes and check progress to ensure that students are watching videos and are answering questions on the content.

ShowMe {February 2017}

ShowMe gives students control to write and record annotations to explain anything! Students can "show" their teachers or peers that they truly understand a concept or can use the app to pose questions to others.

Apple Classroom {February 2017}

Apple Classroom assists teachers in monitoring managed devices [school issues iPads]. Teachers can instantly see what a particular student is working on, and direct him or her to a specific app.

Video {March 2017}

Video provides a convenient side by side, time stamped, interface to take notes on a video. Users can also share their notes with peers or teachers.

Google Keep {March 2017}

Google Keep is an organizational tool that creates digital "post it" notes. These notes can be created as reminders and shared with collaborative groups or individual students. The can also be used provide a list of missing assignments to students.

Padlet {March 2017}

Padlet is a digital bulletin board that allows students to post assignment, pictures, videos, or text responses to topics or questions posed by the instructor. Padlets allow for student presentations to instantly be shared for feedback.

Adobe Spark {March 2017}

Adobe Spark is three applications rolled into one. This entire presentation has been an Adobe Spark Page! Presentations can be created in a more vivid way that includes videos, photos, and text.

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