The Divine Performance By: travis pope

Just a quick bathroom break before the show started. Read the study guide there and slowly got excited to see what exactly the play was going to be about.

The overall physical setting outside of the theater was a bit empty outside minus a few paintings and statues. However, the inside of the inside of the theater was very well done. The seats were nicely decorated as well as comfortable and the stage was designed in the shape of some sort of living quarters with a church window, and small pieces of paper fell near it to give it the effect of falling snow.

I attended the play by myself, but I made friends with a girl who sat next to me. It made the play more much more enjoyable because afterward I had someone to talk about what went on and how we both felt about the show overall.
The Divine focused on the struggles of the both the low and mid social classes. The lower classes are at the mercy of those in the high class. The middle class may not suffer as much as the lower class, but some are so ignorant to what's really going on that when they finally find out they initially can't handle it, and may or may not act to change the inequities of the world they live in. During the play I thought that Sarah was a famous actor who cared nothing about anyone else except her wants and needs, but I was wrong towards the end of the play when she took action to try and expose the factory manager for mistreating his employees. This made me realize that first impressions do not always define who the person really is.
The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt allows us to witness society's low points and dives into the cruel reality of those who lived in it. Witnessing these acts through a play may shock the audience, but it's only to emphasize that things such as these can really happen, there is nothing very unrealistic about any events that go on throughout the play. The realism displayed in this performance allows for Katharsis because the main theme of this play is that horrendous acts happen all the time, but we must strive for better days and not sit in silence while we watch others suffer hardships. We must act and speak up when we see those in need of help, even if they do not want it.

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