Everyone, while staying at Hotel Real de Minas, shall be subject to these rules. If not abided by, the hotel management may require the inmediate evacuation of the room or facility.

1. Guests must sign the registration card specifying the number of nights they be staying with us and make timely payment for services incurred during the stay.

2. The daily charge begins upon arrival at the room and ends at 12:00 pm. If you want to change your departure time or date we ask that you to make arrangements at reception.

3. Disruptive activity is strictly prohibited inside or outside the room. If due to this activity another hotel guest refuses to settle the rent for his or her room the charge will be mane to the account of the person causing the disruption.

4. Guests may not allow people other tan those registered to stay in their room. In the case that it is necessary, guests must give advance notice at reception as to variations in the number of registered guests.

5. Damage caused by a to furniture, decoration and other hotel facilities will be charged to the guest's account6. When a guest is not in his

6. When a guest is not in his or her room the hotel does not allow access to a room lo anyone who has not previously been registered by guest.

7.- The possession of room keys and their use is the responsibility of the guest, obliging them to:

a) In case of a lost key, inform reception immediately to cancel the key.

b) Submit oficial identification of the owner of the room to receive a new key and/or copy.

8.- Business establishments that are inside the building have their own management and the hotel is not responsable for their management.

9.- The hotel is not responsable for los sor theft in the rooms and general areas in the hotel. The hotel safety deposit boxes, free of charge, for valuables that guests want to protect.

10.- The cost of the parking per car is $100 pesos per night.

11.- The hotel is not responsable for lost items in cars or damnage caudes by third parties in the parking.

12.- The hotel reserves the right to accept pets inside rooms or in common areas only in special cases. Restrictions apply.