Emerald B Music Welcome to my website, gems!

My YouTube channel

I started my YouTube channel when I was five years old and on it I love to share my singing, original songs, covers and more. Please go check out my channel, like my videos, comment what you think my next video should be, and subscribe!!!


What is your YouTube channel called? My channel is called Emerald B Music

How old are you? I am 12 years old

What do you do on your YouTube channel? I sing, do challenges, cooking and much more!

How can I request a video/song? First make a google account (if you don't already have one) it's free! Then, comment on one of my videos a song or video request!

Do you have any social media? Yes I have Instagram, Musical.ly, Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube. Add/follow/subscribe to me


What is your real name? My real name is Emma Bown.

How did you think of Emerald B? Em is taken from my first name, Emma. Er is taken from my middle name, Catherine and B stands for my last name, Bown.

What do you call your fans? I call my fans "gems" because an Emerald is a beautiful gem and you are all beautiful and kind like gems! :)

If you have any more questions you can ask me on my social media!

Original Songs


Here is my first original song about emotions.

Inner Beauty

Here is my second original song about inner beauty. You are all beautiful gems, always remember that.
I will have many more songs coming soon :)
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Emma Bown

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