Boudoir with Mary Empowering women one at a time!!!

Artist - Marylie Thompson

Hello beautiful, I'm Marylie Labonne Thompson, a Dallas based Intimate, Boudoir Photographer. I am a mom of three, happily married to the sexiest man on earth. I am French Canadian, and yes, I speak French. I reside in Texas, and although I'm not a fan of the heat... I do love me some Texas.

If you're reading this, you have probably seen my work before, but just in case you haven't, I would highly recommend that you visit my website. www.boudoirwithmary.com. There, you will see my style, and hopefully notice how in love I am with my job. Capturing women is what I love to do. My style is very simple... elegant, and daring. I love digging deep, and finding your inner sexiness and bringing it out of you.

My Philosophy

  • A boudoir session is for Everyone and for Every Body!
  • It's a confidence boost for sure.
  • You don't have to do this for a man. You can do this for yourself.
  • It's okay to treat yourself to a day of beauty!
My style

My shoots are fun, very chill, and always professional. I have wine, snacks, and music to make you feel comfortable. My goal is to make sure that you are feeling confident. You are sexy, you are beautiful, and I will get you to find that inner daring woman that might be hiding inside of you. I love empowering women.

What to expect...
Makeup & Hair

What to Expect...

This is always the million dollar question. What to Expect?? Well... here it goes. Expect to have some fun, let loose, and maybe drink a little? I am very soft spoken, and will direct you every step of the way. Feeling nervous is natural, but I will help you channel that nervous energy and make you feel like the woman you deserve to be. My assistant Abby Hall will also be here, and she is fantastic at making you feel welcomed, and comfortable. You can also bring a friend with you to help ease the nerves. Before your session, please feel free to ask me ANY and ALL questions you have running through your head. I am here for you. I work for you. Therefore, anything on your mind, is OKAY to ask.

Too glam to give a damn

What to Wear...


One of the most asked questions is What to Wear?... Yes, it might be stressful to try and figuring what to wear. First... look into your closet. Oversized sweatshirts/sweaters, tank tops, anything with lace, knee socks, cute boy underwear, his favorite t-shirt, any lingerie you may already have. Also... feel free to go shopping and treat yourself to a couple cute, sexy outfits. Victoria's Secrets is a great option, and I'm sure you can also find some pretty cute stuff online as well. Here's a tip... LACE, lace, lace. Lace turns out soooo good in photos. Any color. It's just a beautiful, feminine fabric, that photographs really well.

Where will the session take place?


The session can take place in my home studio, your home, or a hotel. If you decide to shoot at your home, please get rid of all clutter on the nightstands. I like them to be bare... so all the stuff, lamps, radios, etc... need to be gone. I also need to make sure that there is enough natural light coming in. So windows are important. I do not use a flash. If shooting at a hotel, I can certainly make several recommendations. Always make sure there is a window in the room, with good natural light coming in. *Room is at your cost.

The Boudoir Day

Ha! Today is the day! Here are a few pointers. When you arrived, my makeup artist NINA PARKEY will consult with you about the look that you are going for. Please remember that darker eyes, always come out better in photos. I am a fan of the smokey eye! Nina is awesome, and will make you look like a million bucks! Also... please arrive with dry hair, ready to be styled.

Wear something comfy as you will be sitting in the makeup chair for about one hour. Make sure you have ironed all your clothes that may need it, and bring heels. Heels are always great.

Before & After

Bath Sessions!

Session is about 45 minutes & SO much fun!!! You can add a bath mini session to you session if you would like. All pricing is at the bottom for your information.

After your Session

You can never be too glamorous

After your session... well, let me just say... you will be stoked when leaving me. You will feel so good about yourself, your life, and all that is around you. You will be so excited to see a sneak peek! Which I tend to do as soon as I get home, or the next day. I will cull through all of your photos, and pick the VERY best ones. Once they are selected, I will then do a fine art edit on every photo. What does that mean? It means that I will overlook each of the images. Color correct anything if need be. Per your request, take off wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, pimples etc... I try to keep all my edits extremely natural. Please don't ask me to make you a size 0. It's not possible, unless you pay me $1000 per hour :)

How will I receive my Photos?

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

After your session, we will schedule a REVEAL session for you to come to my home office, and view your images for the first time. You will be meeting with my assistant Abby. She's amazing at letting you know what you need. Products are available for purchase at that time. My average client spends around $2500. It is the best gift you can give yourself. You will be remembering this day forever and ever.

Imperfection is beauty


Although a Boudoir with Mary experience is truly priceless.... Oh, and so much fun, and liberating...it does in fact have a price.

The Boudoir session fee is $650 and includes the boudoir shoot with yours truly, professional makeup application with lashes, (Hair can be added for a small fee), posing & direction given through the entire session, 3 to 4 outfits within the session time, Champagne, wine, music, girl time, full retouching of your portraits, in-person photo reveal & ordering session.

Once in a while, blow your damn mind

Session and Package fees are broken down into 2 payments...50% down to reserve your experience, and the remaining due at the time of your photo session. Payments accepted include cash, credit cards, bank transfer, paypal or venmo.

Referral Program

Tell all your friends about what you are doing!!! You know they want to do it too, & will be looking forward to see your gorgeous photos!!! So why not get friends to book as well? The day of your shoot, you may bring a friend or two with you. It will help ease your nerves, & if they book a session that day, YOU will get $100 off in print credit for your reveal day. Your friend will also receive $100 OFF their session that day.

Leave your session, and get a friend to book a session, BEFORE your reveal date... YOU will get another $100 off in print credit for your reveal day! WOW!! So now, you are up to $200 OFF! (or $100 off if this is your first referral)

Bring a friend with you the day of your reveal. If your friend decides to book a session that day... receive a FREE Little Black Book!!! So that's $200 off in print credits, AND a free LBB. (or the LBB only if this is your first referral) All these goodies, only for referring 3 friends that book!



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