Australia Travel Destination

About Australia!

Australia is the sixth-largest country by land area. It is nearly the same size as the 48 connected states. Australia was inhabited by indigenous people for about 50,000 years before the British came. Australia has the second-highest human development index in the world, which measures quality of life, health, education and economic freedom. This makes Australia a great place to visit with the family or even by yourself.

Sydney, Australia

Why You Should Visit!

Even though Australia is one of the remotest countries, it is a highly popular place to visit and vacation in. Australia has around 10,000 beaches, all of which are beautiful and amazing to go to. Sydney, Australia is down right one of the most beautiful places in the world, there are many things to do with your friends or family. You will never be bored in Sydney. If you rather be in the outback then Western Australia has large expanses of outback and white sand beaches that stretch for miles without a soul in sight.

What to do in Australia!

There are plenty of things to do in Australia. You can visit one of the many beaches, explore the outback, eat great local foods, visit one of the many attractions there such as the Sydney Opera House. You can visit the zoo or aquarium and watch all the local animals, aquatic and land, up close and personal. On your visit to Australia you will never find yourself doing nothing, theres always something to do and somewhere to go!


Countless wildlife exists in Australia. There are many animals to see and learn about. You can go on tours in the outback or visit a local zoo and see all of Australia's local wildlife. Learning about new things is one of the great experiences of life, and learning about new and weird creatures is what humans are meant to do, so don't forget to learn about Australia's wildlife!

Even if you are watching the wildlife you should be careful! They might be watching you too!

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