Cancun 2015 A travel adventure with Larry and Shaye

September 13th The fun began...

We arrived in Cancun and were driven to the resort, The Grand Mayan. The hotel clerks were awesome and allowed us to check in prior to Shaye and Larry's arrival. The room is beautiful and spacious. There is the main shared living area with kitchen, dining and living room. Then there are two separate bedrooms and bath with soaker tubs. On the outside patio are lounge chairs, tables and a wading type pool. All areas of the rooms have sliding glass doors that lead to the patio.

This is going to be good!

The weather is very warm and humid but the humidity feels good to my skin. We anxiously awaited Shaye and Larry's arrival as we were starving to eat dinner. I was standing at the end of the building on the third floor balcony watching and waiting for them when I spotted them coming down the walkway. I hollered "Hola mi hermana y hermano!" We went for dinner at Balche' and had a great time catching up quickly as we all were pretty tired from traveling all day. I tried some crickets and they really were not too bad. Guess I can scratch that one off my list now. We all went right to bed once we got to our room and now it is morning in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. I am currently sitting out on the third floor patio enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to the birds.

View from our patio

September 14th...The morning started off warm and humid. I spent all day in my swimsuit so that I was ready to pop in the water at any time. Shaye and I went to the Playa de Carmen to shop for groceries. We first stopped at the Mega Store and gathered up a mess of stuff but then I got leary of the way they handled the frozen and cold meats so we put everything back and walked down to Walmart. It was much better. After gathering up most of the groceries that we needed, we were offered tequila samples which of course we had to try! Imagine that, tequila samples in a Walmart! We then checked the time and we had missed the next shuttle pickup which meant that we would have to wait for another two hours. It was too hot to wait for that so we decided to see how much it would be for a taxicab. It turns out the the guy we asked was from the US so we chatted for a few minutes and decided to shell out the $28 for the ride back to the resort. So all in all, it cost us $12 to get there and $28 to get back. We really didn't think out the whole trip. I don't think we had our hearts in it! The guys were waiting for us at the entrance to the lobby so at least we didn't have to carry all the bags ourselves. We were starving by this time and ate at the Greenbreak & Tacos Break. It was delicious! I had nachos and a couple of margaritas. Gerry had a burger and fries. Larry had a Reuben and fries and Shaye had a Caprese panini and fries. We enjoyed the service and food. We think we should go back to this place because it was so good. Then we went swimming for a couple of hours. Really had a good time. Back to the room, Shaye and I played jacks for a good laugh. She won!

What a hoot!

I ate my leftover nachos and went to sleep. Ni night.

September 15...Today is Shaye and Larry's anniversary, 43 years!

Happy Anniversary shaye And larry! Woo hoo!

Larry and I went to breakfast at Greenbreak. I had a fried egg and hash browns. That place has the best service around. I went for a walk with my camera and ended up bird-braining as Gerry calls it. Snapped a couple of good pictures of flamingos and giant lizards.

Lizards, birds, coati, butterflies and flamingos

Then I headed down to the pool with Shaye and Larry around 11am hanging around for happy hour that began at noon.

What a beautiful day.
Giant reptiles at the pool too
Relaxing at the pool
We sure had a blast at the pool.

Gerry was at the spa getting his massage. We just enjoyed the sun and cool water. We laid around reading and relaxing. It was a very pleasant afternoon. We had lunch at the Blue Moon. Shaye and I had Mahi Mahi tacos but Gerry had the best fish sandwich of all, plus French fries.

Just passing time waiting for lunch.
Mahi Mahi tacos with pickled radishes
Fish sandwich with Potato wedges

All in all, it was a nice lunch. Then it was time to get ready for the Mexican Fiesta dinner show. It was a great show with lots of beautiful costumes full of colors, designs, flowers and feathers. The buffet was immense having something for everyone, no doubt. I ate way too much but it was too good not to! The show was awesome with dancing men and seƱoritas. I just loved it! I had a horn and pretty much got on Gerry's nerves blowing it, but it was just part of the celebration. Larry tried stuffing it with string confetti but I caught on to his shinanagans. I was asked to come on stage and dance with a mess of other people. It was all in good fun. We came home and had a bunch of laughs before bed. It was a stellar day.

Fiesta Dinner
Fiesta Dinner time

September 16th...we were somewhat worn out for the previous day's activities so we just took it easy today. After lunch at the Greenbreak, we went to the pool.

Larry looks like he is up to something!

The clouds stepped in front of the sun for the most part so it wasn't quite so hot. Gerry and I brought some new flip flops but Larry couldn't find any that would work for him. His blisters on his feet look horrible. I feel bad for him.

Larry has an owie on his toe.
After coming back from getting the flip flops, seems someone fell asleep!
Must be a good book!
Good thing Shaye didn't fall asleep here!

We made hamburgers for dinner and watched some of the political debate. We didn't watch all of it as it was not as good as it should have been.

September 17th...got up for the sunrise this morning. It was quiet and I was the only one there for a bit. Hope my pictures look good.

At the beach...

I will have to check them out at home. I think we are going snorkeling today, I hope. We headed down to our favorite pool for some sun time after snorkeling. The water wasn't very clear and there were not many fish. There was a quick five minute rain shower and then the sun came out. We ordered lunch at the pool.

I had nachos of course.
Happy hour at the happy little pool

For dinner, we went to Tramonto which served the best linguini. Larry shared a bite of his lamb chop. It was pretty good. Shaye had salmon on her linguini. We had a great time even though I didn't get to fix my hair or anything because I didn't know what time it was! At least I got a shower! Watched a little of the Chiefs Broncos game before falling asleep. Chiefs lost, but the Royals won and Infante had a great game.

Friday, September 18th...we decided to go to Greenbreak for breakfast. I had some nachos with green tomatillo sauce. It was great. Sorry, but I forgot to take a picture! Larry and Gerry had omelettes and Shaye had French toast with powdered sugar. We are back to our room for some rest but I am sure we will hit the pool later. Our favorite pool is closed for repairs darn it. They are refinishing it by replacing tiles and grout. I wish they would have waited until next week to do it. Bought the girls some cute little purses.

We left the price tags on for fun! $87.00

Gerry and I had taken a walk earlier and the sun was blazing. Later Shaye and I went walking and thunder started and there were clouds blocking the sun. We kicked back at the main pool to read and had a couple of drinks. A little later, Gerry came by.

Gerry and Shaye in the infinity pool.

I took my camera with me all day. Hopefully I got some good shots. Came back to the room and fixed grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches. Gerry and Shaye played a board game, I did the dishes and got the coffee ready for the morning. Larry stayed in bed with the chills almost all day except for breakfast. Hope he feels better in the morning.

September 19th...last full day in Cancun. I got up before all the others and am sitting on the patio enjoying the quiet and nature. For some reason, there is always some music playing somewhere in the distance but it is nice. I have bug bites on my legs and feet. Sometimes they are really itchy.

Oriole, my little morning visitor...

We went down to the "new pool" on an upper deck and parked ourselves in the supplied shade of the trees.

Another interesting Story
As the plot thickens!

Gerry's having a great time!

I'm only laughing because I have been "reading" this book for a long time!

What an awesome day snapping pictures of all sorts of creatures and birds. Larry didn't join us, hoping he feels better for dinner. We went to the Havana Blue restaurant. It is located directly on the beach. I had salmon and it was pretty good. I think Gerry makes it the best though. We got our baggage ready for the return flight.

Dinner at Havana Blue

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