Where am I from?

The concrete that I used to race down?

Those memories cemented in my brain

Of adventuring through the rain,

Spots of cotton candy sunsets covering my skin

From climbing up trees just to win,

Where am I from?

The stories I have learned?

From books I have read

Shows I have binged

Melodies that have danced through my ears

And decisions I have turned

Where am I from?

The people I have met?

Those who have been caught up in the same net,

Most have come and gone

Others our fate not yet drawn,

Where am I from?

The atoms that make up my body?

Cells embedded with codes and DNA

All together performing an intricate ballet,

Characteristics that were predetermined

For better or for worst I have been burdened

Where am I from?

Is a question I may never fully understand,

For there are so many elements to which it expands.

But there is one thing I do know,

No matter



Or where I’m from

It all depends on where I’ll go-


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