California Pot Mecca Nipton transforming to weed town

Nipton, Calif.—A pot mecca is putting a small town back on the map with American Green Company and its plans to transform it into a marijuana farm. A town where you can smoke all you want. In 2017 American Green bought Nipton. The town will soon be a place where visitors can have a tour on the marijuana farm, shop the dispensaries, take a dip in the natural spring baths, and enjoy a toke outside a pot-friendly bed-and-breakfast. With marijuana use growing in the U.S., opportunities to retrieve it are becoming more feasible. This town is all about creating an environment where people can work, smoke and share a community.

“Nipton is chill, it is laidback, no laws, we all live together, we are all chill,” says Teena Thomas, one of 32 residents of the town. Teena moved here 9 months ago in search for a more peaceful living. She works in a little convenience store Nipton’s Trading Post, a few minutes from where rents a room. Nipton is the perfect town for people like Teena Thomas that want quiet away from society, in a free town with “no rules.”

Everybody is a family and they all look out for one another say town’s residents. “tourist can bring their motor homes, camp or rent a hotel room for a few days” says Sam, one of the residents that volunteer in the Nipton Trading Post.

In the promotional video above, American Green advertises the benefits of its work in this town.

In becoming a pot mecca and a town where marijuana is easily accessible, Nipton's small convenient store now sells items such as the ones above for those who visit the town for pot purposes. The vending machine in the left includes Cannabis water, pills, and other items that are cannabis based.

American Green is changing the town by expanding the town and building more hotels and cabins." American Green brought money to the town that we need,” says Thomas. American Green plans on hiring the same workers the previous owner had and keeping them in the town. Carol , a resident in Nipton thinks American Green has been good to the town. American Green has hired 80 staff and will build three more hotels. Resident Teena Thomas stated that “Nipton town is a historical town from 1905 and it is protected as such. It’s development can only add more to the town without changing it”. The residents believe their “magical Nipton” will keep its history despite the influx of workers and future pot parties.

Bongs and other smoking items related to marijuana are now being sold inside the Trading Post convenient store to enhance one's experience with visiting the town and freely using marijuana recreationally.
  • Nipton was discovered in the nineteenth centry, by Samuel “Dunk” Karns who was seeking for gold. Along with some associates, Samuel Karns named the town Nippeno. Nippeno was later changed to Nipperno Consolidated Mine and Nippeno Camp before it was named Nipton in 1910.In 1913, Harry Trehearne, a Cornish miner from England, settled down in Nipton and opened the general store (now the Nipton Trading Post), restored the Nipton hotel, dug the first water well, and opened the first school in 1930.In 1940 he created the first family home and built more landmarks to the town. Once he died, the town was abandoned until 1984.when it was purchased by Gerald Freeman. More renovations were made by Freeman. In 1946, the Nipton Hotel was transformed into a bed and breakfast. The trading post also became the first convenience store. In 1995 they began planning to make Nipton into tourism and art center. Some time passed and in 2009, mayor Eslinger began running the town. More recently in 2017, American Greene company purchased the town to completely renovate and begin a pot farm.
Nipton town has one small convenience store Nipton Trading Post and a restaurant The Whistle stop Café. There is gas station 20 miles away and the nearest mall is close to Vegas, NV.

The town of Nipton is very small and unknown. Teena Thomas was one of the few residents that did not know Nipton town existed before she moved there. Teena moved to Nipton town for quietness and to isolate herself from the big city. After American Green bought the town in September she says “The Company has brought publicity, we are all over the news. It has brought money we needed. The company has cleaned the town and brought more work for people. We are blessed for American Green.”

The above video was created by Abigail Escobar and shows an overview of the town and interviews with a few residents and their thoughts on American Green's plans for Nipton.

The above post is from the social media account @nipton_weed_project. The post is a poll asking followers if cannabis water will benefit the town of Nipton financially. Majority of the responses agree that Cannabis water will benefit the town.
The above post asks followers their opinion on whether or not selling and growing Marijuana in this part of California should be legal. As you can see, majority of respondents believe that it should be legal to benefit the economy and the town financially.


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