Our Voices Utah Football

The Utah football team will be wearing patches and helmet decals on Saturday and throughout the season to bring awareness to social injustice.

The Ute Leadership Council chose seven words: Equality, Enough, Hope, Love, Peace, Together and Unity.

#7 Cameron Rising | Quarterback

What Equality Means to Him:

“Equality to me means respect and opportunity for all.”

Which Word Means Most to Him:

“Love. With love, everything is possible.”

#0 Devin Lloyd | Linebacker

What Enough Means to Him:

“Enough to me means enough of the racial injustice, enough of the police brutality, enough of treating others as though they are lesser than you. No matter their skin color or ethnicity, treat all as how you would want to be treated.”

Which Word Means Most to Him:

“The one that means the most to me and the one that I will represent is Unity. I chose this because I feel it is the most important because the only way to accomplish something great is to do it together. Trusting and loving those next to you and truly being willing to sacrifice for those people is how great things happen. It’s going to take something great to end these social injustices and the only way to do that is to be unified.”

#8 Jake Bentley | Quarterback

What Hope Means to Him:

“Hope is what gives us excitement about the future. Hope is that knowing even in the worst situations, things will get better. If you lose hope, you lose the ability to see the light in the darkness.”

Which Word Means Most to Him:

“Together. Together means the most to me because you don’t achieve anything good on your own. When you have a mindset of 'we' not 'me', you can achieve much greater things.”

#42 Mika Tafua | Defensive End

What Love Means to Him:

“The word love to me means you actively try to find commonalities with people, instead of looking for their differences.”

Which Word Means Most to Him:

“I like peace because I feel like peace is the result of all of the other six words.”

#6 Devin Brumfield | Running Back

What Peace Means to Him:

“Peace to me means living in society that isn’t full of conflict. Peace is living in a place of harmony where you don’t have to fear violence among individuals or groups. Bob Marley once said, ‘love the life you life, live the life you love.’”

Which Word Means Most to Him:

“I chose love and this particular quote because we’ve all in some way done something for the likes of others whether we agree or not. I think loving yourself and your life is what we need. I’m not saying be satisfied with where you are, but embrace who you are and love you.”

#41 Hauati Pututau | Defensive Tackle

What Together Means to Him:

“Together to me means we are united in a purpose, working to overcome challenges and struggles to create an unbreakable bond.”

Which Word Means Most to Him:

“Love. It is the most important word to me because without love there is no hope and without hope, there is no purpose in life. Maya Angelou once said, ‘Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination of full hope.’”

#21 Solomon Enis | Wide Receiver

What Unity Means to Him:

“Unity to me is something that not only should be common in our community, states and country, but among the entirety of people that inhabit this planet.”

Which Word Means Most to Him:

“Equality means the most to me because instead of dividing among each others’ differences, we should build upon how to make life better for all.”