Business of Leisure ZAA 106

Week 1 - Introduction

Session Objectives

Write down three things that will be different to studying in this course than what you were doing last year in early February.

Write down some of the skills and knowledge you will require to be a professional in the sport and recreation industry.

Video presentation | Assessment requirements | TED Talk

Sport and recreation tasks and skills



How does this list of tasks and skills compare to your ideas?

Module 1 - Leisure Concepts | Assessment 1 - Your Leisure Analysis 20%

Module 2 -  Leisure participation | Assessment 2 - Annotated Bibliography 30%

Module 3 - Mixed economy of Leisure | Assessment 3 - Case Study 50%


Library learning hub || Academic support || MyLo Course Materials

Please note Business of Leisure by Veal, Darcy & Lynch is the main reference for this subject. Normal price 93.95 | Member Price 87.37 at the Co-Op.

What do you want from your education? Watch the TED talk and write some of your insights into the discussion forum for session 2.

Go to discussion board 2 to discuss the following questions:


Become familiar with Chapter 1 from Veal, Darcy & Lynch (2013) as background information and read Chapter 2 to understand the history of leisure, sport and recreation.

Be familiar with Tower's (2014) Key Definitions


Session Objectives

Understanding Concepts

Please write down your answers to the following questions in the discussion board.

Keep a Time Budget for the next week of what you do each day

Record each activity as precisely as possible

Discussion of definitions



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