Tool Time These are animals that use tools.

Did you know that in the early days scientists thought humans just used and made tools? Well someone found out and that someone was Jane 1960 she found out that animals use tools too. and that animal was the chimpanzee. In this article you will learn about ocean animals, birds, and land animals. I think you will be very mind blown. All kinds of animals have different adaptations.

Ocean Tools

Firstly, dolphins use sponges to protect themselves. They protect their noses from getting scratched by the rocks. if you are wondering where they get it from, they get it from the bottom of the ocean. The dolphins surprised scientists because of their use of sponges as tools. When the octopus has nothing to protect him he stacks shells and use is it as body armor/body protection.


Interestingly, a vulture uses a rock to throw at the ostrich eggs to break the shell because it is one of the vultures favorite foods. Did you know the Galapagos Woodpecker Finch eats little insects that like to dig into trees and Moreover the Galapagos Woodpecker Finch beak is so small it is crazy how they can fit their beaks into a small.


Grass animals

Did you know that a chimpanzees have a very cool way of getting food. Well they get food from one piece of grass and isn’t that amazing. They get there food from a termite mound and they stick the piece of grass into the termite mound and then they pull it out of the termite mound and then they put the piece of grass into their mouth. Yet this animal is a animal that uses a tool to get food. That is crazy talk in my book. Did you know that a elephant uses bark as a tool? Firstly, the elephant digs a hole to find water and then when it is done drinking water it grabs a piece of bark and chews the bark up into a ball and then it sticks it onto the water hole so the water does not get hot. Did you know that a monkey uses a rock as a tool! That is CRAZY! When a monkey wants a nut palm it just has to find a rock and smash the nut palm and it has food.

Now you know how animals use their environment and maybe when you grow up you might get to be like jane goodall.

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