The World of Frederick II LAGOPESOLE CASTLE: From a silent monument to a narrative museum.


Once upon a time there was a community leaving in peace in a small village surrounded by forests. One day, newspaper articles and a small poster in the bar announce a cast selection for a film to repeople the Castle in the age of Frederick. The people cue to be selected to perform their own ancestors. They study and rehearse in their free time: it is a a new, strange adventure.

More than 50 people from Lagopesole, diverted from their daily work acted on a stage playing the role designed by the screenplayers. The entire village, with shops, streets, market has been reconstructed inside the CINECITTA' STUDIOS.

Carpenters, artisans, nobles, soldiers, priests, vendors, rich and poor, nameless men and women that allowed the emperor realize his dream, gave life to a performance that shows daily life in Lagopesole at the time of Frederick II.

Make up stylists, professional hairdressers made their contribution with faces from local people ready to use. Proud of their identity, they were thrilled to give a new opportunity to their territory. Amateurs ........................

........ or professionals, for the designer and for the production it was a good chance to enhance the enthusiasm needed to launch on the touristic market a new service.

Costumes have been designed for each actor individually. For most of them, play on a real stage it was the very first time ..........

..... and may be the last.

At the end it was the professional crew which clapped all of them.

Created By
Aldo Di Russo


By Unicity

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