Formula For Circles Step By Step By Crowley, Yesenia, Jacqueline

Circumference For Circles

Steps For Circumference

  • Do the formula you're more comfortable with
  • Circumference= 2x3.14xr
  • First, do 2xr and get your product
  • Finally, multiply your product by 3.14 to get your total
  • Or do Circumference=3.14xd
  • First and Finally, do 3.14xd and get your total

Area For Circles

Steps For Area

  • There is only one formula for the area of a circle
  • Area=3.14xr with 2 as the exsponet for radius
  • First, do r squared(which is r multiplied by itself)and get your product
  • Finally, do 3.14 x your product and get your total answer


In conclusion, these are the steps and formulas for circles. Remember the steps and in the future you will be prosperous in finding the correct answer to your math problems.

Our Opinions Of Adobe Sparks

Crowley: In my opinion, Adobe Spark is pretty fascinating. They have many cool themes and energetic backgrounds, but there are cons. I do not like that you can't add photos on it from your phone or from Gmail. It was very confusing at first, but you learn how to use it.

Yesenia: Adobe Spark was a new kind of experience to me. It was fun to use and I really enjoyed the pretty pictures they supplied us with. It was a bit difficult to understand at first but once I understood it was very enjoyable to use.

Jacqueline: As I see it, Adobe Spark was an insightful and simple way to present presentations. Though I am not a technologist, I found the functions of Adobe Spark to be easy and even fun to use.


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