My Tour of the Harn By laura hassert

I am blessed to have seen the beautiful piece of art, Champ d'avione, in person because my photo does not do the painting justice whatsoever. This painting helped me appreciate oils used in art and the unique technique of perceiving light, the atmosphere and movement. I felt at peace looking at the field of oats and kept imagining myself there with the wind blowing through my hair with the softness of the world surrounding me. This artwork was my favorite at the Harn.

The Okakagbe Masquerade Costume caught my eye as I passed by the exhibit which sparked my interest in the unique costumes, masks and customs from Africa. The design of this exhibit was cleverly made with a bright center piece and lots of space with very detail oriented pieces of art. This collection excites and draws in museum goers as they pass. The stunning exhibit inspired me to learn more about African art and its history.

Juchiteca de pie is a statue of a beautiful woman embracing herself. This piece spoke to me and showed me how much the woman loved her image. The artist allowed me to see the strength of the woman which turned into strength for myself. The artwork opened myself up to feelings of love and encouragement to find happiness in the acceptance of myself. Furthermore, the statue helped solidify my beliefs; that all women are beautiful, no matter the size.

The Mirror is a color woodcut depicting a baby's delight in seeing their mirrored reflection while being held by their mother. The artwork shows the theme: a mother's love for her child. In my opinion, it is important to have this theme present in one's life in order to have a 'good life.' The child's happiness and the mother's compassion is the perfect example of proving the integrity of that theme.

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