I Have A Dream Written by Josh Greenfeld and Directed by Herman LeVern Jones

About the Production

"I Have A Dream" is a Broadway Gospel musical on the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that chronicles the major events of the Civil Rights Movement from December 1, 1955 when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus to the assassination of Dr. King on April 4, 1968. The production is a two hour multimedia experience that includes music, singing (20 Gospel songs), dancing and more than 125 historical images from the Civil Rights Movement. This depiction of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement gives tremendous insight into Dr. King's love of his family, his sense of humor, and the incredible challenge that African-Americans faced in fighting for basic human rights.

Production History

“I Have A Dream” debuted on Broadway with Billy Dee Williams in 1976 at the Ambassador Theatre. Broadway Producer and Artistic Director Dr. Woodie King, Jr. of the New Federal Theatre and the National Black Touring Circuit, Inc. of New York City later procured the rights to the play and began presenting “I Have A Dream” under the guidance of Herman LeVern Jones, Associate Producer of the National Black Touring Circuit, Inc. The play toured to over 125 cities both nationally and internationally including but not limited to Manchester and Birmingham, England, Luxembourg, New York City, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska and in Winston Salem, North Carolina at the first National Black Theatre Festival in 1989. The production was also seen in Indianapolis in 1990 and Atlanta, Georgia in 2012 at Life University to rave reviews and packed houses. From 2014 to the present, "I Have A Dream" has been presented at the South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center, Florida International University, the Phichol Williams Center, the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, St. John's College in Annapolis and the Pompano Beach Cultural Center.

Major Events in "I Have A Dream"

  • The arrest of Rosa Parks on December 1, 1955
  • The bombing of Dr. King’s home in 1956
  • Dr. King’s multiple arrests
  • Dr. King stabbed in the chest by Izola Curry during his Harlem book signing in 1958
  • Dr. King’s visit to India in 1959
  • Letter from a Birmingham Jail – The statement Dr. King wrote to white clergymen written while he was in solitary confinement in 1963 recited by cast members
  • The Birmingham Children’s Crusade of 1963
  • Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo, Norway in 1964
  • March on Washington and “I Have A Dream” speech
  • Birmingham Church Bombing which resulted in the deaths of Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Carol Denise McNair
  • Assassinations of President John F Kennedy and Malcolm X.
  • Bloody Sunday at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama
  • Lunch counter sit-ins starting in North Carolina
  • Dr. King’s “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech on April 3, 1968
  • Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968

Did You Know?

  • Artistic Director Herman LeVern Jones has been involved with the "I Have A Dream" project for over 33 years.
  • "I Have A Dream" has toured to 130 cities worldwide.
  • Yolanda King was a close friend of Mr. Jones.
  • Coretta Scott King saw "I Have A Dream" in 1984 and gave an excellent review.
  • Rosa Parks saw the ‘”I Have A Dream” production in 1987. When the production ended, she joined Mr. Jones, cast and Artis Gil-more (professional NBA basketball player) on stage to give a speech to the audience.

"I Have A Dream" Through the Years

"I Have A Dream" is available for tour to any city across the globe! If you would like for your community to be exposed to this historically significant production, please contact us at 786.580.7389 or info@theatresouth.net

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