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We are a premiere full service Consulting, Inspection, Testing, and Expediting company. We provide our services to building owners, building mangers, contractors, architects, and insurance companies in the New York City metropolitan area and across the nation with over 150 years combined experience. The principles at Omega Industries have experience of servicing elevators in a field capacity as well as serving customers in a management capacity for both local and global elevator operations. Safety is a paramount principle at Omega Industries and service to our customers is the core from which that principle stems. We are nationally licensed and have a seat on all Local and National Elevator Code Committees.
MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS SERVICE - Omega begins this method with our evaluation services which include recommendations for: code upgrades, repair upgrades, violation remediation, and vendor recommendations for each clients’ needs. By developing maintenance specifications for your device(s), Omega can stabilize or increase the reliability of your elevator(s) or escalator(s).
THIRD PARTY WITNESSING - We are a premier full service Consulting, Inspection, and Expediting company. We provide our services to building owners and managers, contractors, architects, and insurance companies in both the New York City metropolitan area and across the nation. Omega Industries is both Q.E.I. nationally certified and, an approved New York City Department of Buildings Elevator Inspection Agency.
MODERNIZATION MANAGEMENT - As an elevator or escalator approaches the end of their useful life they become un-reliable or continually requiring capital to keep them operating or code compliant. Omega will develop a modernization specification that will not only be a major capital improvement, but an amenity of your building. We will manage this project throughout all phases including post modernization service.
NEW INSTALLATION DESIGN & MANAGEMENT - With our expertise on equipment offerings, we develop a specification that will provide the building with the proper traffic flow handling to ensure that the elevators installed are right for your budget and your tenant’s satisfaction. Our process does not end at the specification and design process, we also will manage the project to ensure the installation meets all timelines to obtain the certificate of occupancy as fast as possible. We also provide a maintenance specification for the end-user.
CONTRACT COMPLIANCE AUDIT - Omega Industries offers evaluation packages based upon leading industry benchmarks in order to provide each client with a complete maintenance performance report. Each evaluation package includes a written report and a visual presentation that highlights all of our recommendations of and concerns.
CAPITAL UPGRADES/REPAIRS REVIEW - We provide reviews of your proposals from your service providers and, with our expertise are able to ascertain if aforementioned proposals are warranted and priced accordingly.
Omega Industries Vertical Transportation Consulting and Third Party Inspection Witnessing- - - (845).634.9600


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