Our appreciation towards cleaners , vendors and teachers. done by: Nathan, Ryan, Jia xi , Ernest


Do u know why we have a good place in school to study ? Well, if u do not know the answer let me tell you. It is because of our school heroes, the cleaners. The cleaners help up clean up the mess that we have caused. No matter how dirty or messy , they always do their job to keep the school clean and have a good learning environment for us , students to study. On the other hand , the school vendors sell drinks and food to all students , to make us full and carry on with lessons. So to all cleaners and school vendors , we respect you.

One of the school cleaners clearing the bin everyday

In spite of her age, this old auntie clears the dustbin at the hall every morning before morning assembly starts. From what she said, she has been working in our school for more than 14 years. She comes to clear the bin so that there would not be any stench lingering around. Despite whether it rains or not , she stills come early every morning to keep the school clean.

The security guard uncle and auntie guard outside to unsure the safety on the road.

The security guard uncle, has been working in the school for more than 20 years. He is the earliest to arrive in school to open the gates for students to enter the school. When there are many cars coming to our school the security guard uncle will stand outside guiding the cars and ensuring the students safety.

One of the canteen vendors selling drinks to students.

This drink stall uncle and auntie stay in school till the closing hours of the school. They are very diligent and hardworking , even though there is no one in school , they still stayed in school for those students who has cca. They sell a variety of beverages , and also they sell fruits which is freshly cut and its healthy too. Sometimes uncle tells students to get healthier drinks instead of the gassy ones .

This is the school eco garden. some of the trees are planted by teachers and students too.

This beautiful garden is grown by teachers, students, cleaners . Once a month , Mr retnam will manage all the plants so that they can grow well. sometimes the cleaners will also hop In to help out also. Without the teachers and cleaners help, the plants would not have grown so well. It was all thanks to their dedication and hardwork that our school have such a green area.

The bookshop auntie sells students writing material for our studies.

This bookshop auntie comes to school to sell all kinds of things like , pen ,files , foolscape paper , exercise book and more........ No matter what items we do not have , we can just go to the bookshop to get the materials . It is cheap and convenient unlike other bookshops. This auntie is very friendly and sometimes gives a few cent discount if we did not have much money with us.

This uncle has been working here for more than 19 years.

This old uncle is cleaning the dirty and smelly toilet even though there is people walking in and out . That does not affect his work, he can bear with the bad condition of the toilet and still diligently continue on. I feel that we as students should help keep the toilet clean too, so that these old cleaners would not have to do so much hard work.

This is a picture of the science lab where students do their tiny experiment.

This science lab is cleaned by the cleaners and science teachers. Why do they do so? To ensure that students have a save learning environment to do their experiments in safety. The Science lab is very clean due to the teachers and cleaners so that we students can enjoy our experiment in a clean area


In conclusion, we should not take the cleaners , vendors and teachers for granted. Without them, the school would not be as clean and there would not be any delicious food to fill our stomach during recess. without the teachers, we not have a save learning environment to study. So, let us give them a helping hand whenever we can. We can even do our part by keeping the school clean and green so that these heroes of our school would not hard so hard.


Created with images by Sumana Khanom - "Rainbow"

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