HNC Documentary Proposal Helen Simpson

It is my intention to do my Documentary Learning Outcome on the Hair and Beauty Competitions that Ayrshire College Competitors will be part in again this year. The first competition takes place in February up in Coatbridge with finalists from all over Scotland taking part. The main and most important competition to be held is in Blackpool in The Winter Gardens in March. College finalist from all over the United Kingdom take part in this one. I was lucky enough to be allowed to attend both these competitions last year through the college to take pictures of the competitors doing their preparation and showing the final look in the competitions. I met a couple of the girls at college from the hair and make-up department who came up to the studio to get pictures done for their assessments and it went from there. I asked the head lecturer in the hairdressing department, Elaine Lennox, if it would be possible for me to be involved in these competitions in a photography capacity and we asked the head of the relevant departments if I could be involved and it was decided that I could attend both these events to support me as part of my photography course. I used some of my images and experiences as part of one of my learning outcomes.

I was asked by Elaine Lennox to attend the class competition in Ayrshire College Kilwinning for the Fantasy Section on Friday 20th January 2017. I took pictures of some of the competitors and their models, with the final 3 winners going through to the competition in Coatbridge in February. The standard of work was very good, as usual. The girls created some fantastic work. Below is an example of some of the creativity. "Medusa"

I've spoken with Elaine and we've discussed me being involved again this year and travelling to both competitions if the heads of departments are agreeable to this again. I told Elaine my wishes to be able to record the competitions again through my photography this year and to use these images as part of my Documentary outcome, as well as giving a copy of the images to the college and Hair and Make-up Departments. I will use my Nikon D610 along with my Nikon 50mm f1.8 and Sigma 70-200 f2.8 as these are faster, better lenses for low light conditions. The lighting in the venue isn't great so I will also use my speed light with bounce diffuser. I intend to capture mostly candid shots of everyone creating their look but will also ask some people to pose for pictures of the final look. Generally I find the models and stylists at these events are happy to get their pictures taken.

These competitions are very competitive and once the finalists reach the Blackpool stage, are very creative and a very high standard of work is involved. There is an electrifying atmosphere in The Winter Gardens as all the competitors from all ends of the United Kingdom are gathered here on the Sunday and Monday. The have all been working extremely hard for months to reach this stage and everyone wants a chance to be a winner. There are many different categories e.g. Avant Garde, Fantasy, Prosthetics, Face Painting, Hair Styling, Gender Swap, Nail Technicians and much, much more. I loved being part of this energy and creativity and was given a free reign to just wander around over the two days at the Blackpool event to take as many pictures as I liked. I met people and chatted to artists from all over the UK and got to understand the importance that this event meant to everyone involved. It is one of the biggest events of the year on the calendar for all the Make-up Artists, Hairdressers and everyone else taking part.

I will travel up to Coatbridge and down to Blackpool on the transport provided by the college with all the competitors. The images I will take will document the competitors and staff involved arriving at the venue and all the preparation of their models before, during and after to show the finished results of their chosen categories. I will show how everyone works methodically and keeping within the competitions rules to achieve the finished style they want. I really enjoy these events as I love seeing all the fantastic creative styles and artists all working towards a common goal and some of them achieving their hopes and dreams.

If for whatever reason this doesn't materialise, I have a second choice I would like to document but I won't go into this in any great detail at the minute as I can't see any reason why I won't be able to document my first choice. I will document Nature, changing seasons and weather from the Winter months going into Spring. I will document what happens with the changes in the weather and longer daylight hours, the annual growing of plants and shrubs and also the birds laying eggs and animals giving birth to their off spring over the next few months. Lambing and calfing will be included in this documentary.

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