4 Days Trekking in Sardinia Trekking in the beautiful mountains of gennagentu

4 Days Trekking Excursions in Sardinia


Arrival Day: Pick-up at the Airport Cagliari (or Olbia with a little supplement) | Drive to the accommodation | Check-in | Dinner

Drive to the accommodation

Depending on the arrival time, we visit on the way some great sites. Sardinia is a huge open air museum. You do not drive 10 km without seeing anything historically important. Everywhere there are dolmens, Menhir, giant tombs, fairy houses, Nuraghe, Phoenician cities, Roman settlements, bridges, medieval castles, etc.

Valley Oddoene Dorgali

From now on we enjoy this view every day, while getting up, resting and during breakfast.

1. Day

Breakfast 8:00 pm | Departure to the starting point 9:00 o'clock | Walk to Nuraghic village Tiscali | 14,2 Km | Height difference 560m | Difficulty level medium

Startpunkt zum Nuraghendorf Tiscali

From the riverbed, in the beautiful Oddoene valley, we climb over the old charcoal paths. We cross a shady holm oak forest and reach the valley Lanaittu. A goat path continues up into the mystical settlement of the Bronze Age. The panoramas of this magical mountain world will remain unforgettable.

White dolomitic limestone and ancient wind-bent trees accompany us on our way there.

Arches, formed by the erosion give us access to the fantastic mountains below Monte Corrasi

Unforgettable panoramas enchant us in all directions


Under a huge rock cover, which protects the village from rain with its natural roof, we find the settlement from the Bronze Age, which stands here for about 3200 years.

After a long break, it's back to our car

2. Day

Breakfast 8:00 pm | Departure to the starting point 9:00 o'clock | Hike to Canyon Su Gorropu | 15.4Km | Height difference 280m | Difficulty level medium

Canyon Su Gorropu

Along the river Flumineddu we walk into the karstic gorge Su Gorropu. Parts of the rock face are about 280m high and make this gorge one of the deepest in Europe.


The river flows directly from the canyon into the valley. We will cross different passages of the river on the way? The water is crystal clear and freezing cold.

The sardinian forest

In March, the fragrance of flowers is everywhere. Lavender, Erika, Rockroses, Mimosa spread a strong scent in the valley.

Su Gorropu

We reach the canyon and dive into this majestic gorge of white dolomitic limestone.

Inside the Canyon

On our way, there are countless caves with dripstone to see. The erosion has left masterful sculptures here.

3. Day

Breakfast 8:00 pm | Departure to the starting point 9:00 o'clock | Visit of the thermal spring Benetutti | Hike to Christ by Galtelli | Difficulty level, medium

Hot springs Benetutti

This thermal spring has been visited since the Bronze Age. The water is 36 ° C warm and enriched with magnesium and sulfur. Here we relax our muscles to be fit again in the afternoon.

The Christ of Galtellì

Galtellì is known for the Nobel Prize winner Grazia Deledda. On the other hand, it is a place of pilgrimage among the pilgrims. The Christ of Galtellì has done many miracles over the centuries

The statue

High above the plateau of Galtellì towers the 11-meter-high cross with the 7-meter bronze Christ. The ascent is steep, as with every important place of pilgrimage. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with an incredible panorama over the Gulf of Orosei and the mountains of the Supramonte.

4. Day

Breakfast 8:00 pm | Departure to the starting point 9:00 o'clock | Hike across the coast to Cala Luna | From Cala Luna to Cala Fuili | 12.6 km | 480 m height difference | Difficulty level medium

Cala Gonone

The sweet little coastal town of Cala Gonone is located on the Gulf of Orosei. From here, we start our 4th and last hiking day.


The shepherds' huts in this mountain region are called Cuile. Even today, these are used. Not only by the shepherds, but also by mountain hikers sleeping in it, on the long path of Selvaggio Blue.


Along the coast are countless caves that were used during the Roman period as cool storage rooms for cargo. The most famous of these is "La grotta del bue marino", which was inhabited by the extinct monk seals.

Cala Luna

On this photo you can already see the glow of the turquoise waters of Cala Luna. Once we are up here, everyone will understand why Sardinia is also called the Caribbean of Europe.

Cala Golorizè

The photos of the small arch of Golorizè found on the Internet are clicked over 1 million times each year

Cala Fuili

After the versatile coastal walk, we arrive at our destination. Here we enjoy the sun, the beautiful beach and the silence. On the way back we stop at the port of Cala Gonone to celebrate a successful and eventful holiday with an Aperol Spritz.


Breakfast 8:00 pm | Departure to the airport is determined depending on the flight time | Check-out | Transfer to the airport | If the departure is not in the afternoon, we like to look at something interesting on the way.

Additional Information

During the entire stay after 17:00 clock, we give the opportunity to visit the village. Dorgali is a nice town where you can buy great souvenirs. We also find a supermarket in case someone forgot something.

The accommodation includes half board, so breakfast and dinner. The dinner includes wine, water, coffee and schnapps or liquor. For our walks we put out every day a list for the order of sandwiches. 1 roll, 1 bottle Water and a fruit cost 5 € extra. It is possible to get vegetarian food, but no vegan food. Central Sardinia is known for its excellent meat and vegetable dishes. The food in our accommodation is superb and plentiful.


Sardinia has a large selection of first-class souvenirs. For the ladies there are fantastically beautiful filigree gold jewelry, cork shoes, cork sandals, cork bags, ceramics, baskets, fabrics, cookbooks and carpets. Very popular among gentlemen are folding knives (very popular among collectors), masks, bronze statues, pecorino, salsiccia, prosciutto, olive oil, wine and grappa.

Almost everywhere you can shop and have the goods sent home. So you have no overweight in the suitcase.


Sardinia has a very mild climate, but it can be a little fresh, one or two days in the spring and autumn. Also at night you should have a jacket for precaution. We recommend comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes. Hiking boots are good, but also easy trekking or stable sports shoes are okay.

In the accommodation there is a laundry service (not included). You can therefore reduce your luggage to a minimum, if you prefer. Please take your swim suits with you.

Changes in the travel program

It is rare that we have to make a program change. Reasons can be; Weather conditions, unannounced strikes or early unannounced closure of visiting sites. In this case, we offer an at least equivalent but mostly higher-quality alternative program.


March 680 € / person | April 720 € / person | May 780 € / person

Special offer

Who puts together a group of 8 people, gets his Tour for half price.

Questions and Booking

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