Animal Experimentation By: Mallory Malz

Save the Animals: Stop Animal Testing

Written by Heather Dunnuck


"People have different feelings for animals; many look upon animals as companions while others view animals as a means for advancing medical techniques or furthering experimental research. However individuals perceive animals, the fact remains that animals are being exploited by research facilities and cosmetics companies all across the country and all around the world. Although humans often benefit from successful animal research, the pain, the suffering, and the deaths of animals are not worth the possible human benefits. Therefore, animals should not be used in research or to test the safety of products"

This is a summary lead since it shows the 5 W's plus the h, and the essence of the story.

My Lead

It's been decades, and the ongoing debate about animal experimentation is still strong and full of passionate fighters. The exploitation of animals through animal experimentation as well as the horrible pain and suffering the animals endure throughout their time in captivity couldn't possibly be worth the narcissistic human benefit. It's evident that animals should not be forced to go through experimentation.

My type of lead was a creative lead because it was more creative


This concerns scientists and animals


To stop animal testing


The article was not dated, however works cited dates back to 1992-1993


All around the United States


The animal experimentation violates animal rights, causes too much pain and suffering on the animals, and there are other means of testing that can be used.

How to Change:

The article mainly talks about spreading awareness in an effort to turn people against animal experimentation.


Animals should be treated with respect and dignity, and this right to decent treatment is not upheld when animals are exploited for selfish human gain. After all, humans are animals too.

My Conclusion

Through animal experimentation, animals are being exploited and their basic rights are being taken away. They have no choice but to be held in tiny crates to be starved, electrocuted, or worse. It is unfair and deceitful of us humans, to harm them for our own egocentric interest, especially when considering that we too are animals.


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