HHS Library Media Center April 12, 2017 REasons to love your library

Grozdnaic, Lidija. Slideshow. http://inhabitat.com/microlibrary-built-with-2000-recycled-ice-cream-buckets-tackles-illiteracy-in-indonesia/bima-microlibrary-by-shau-bandung-1-1/
Harland, Pam. Diagram. https://pamlibrarian.wordpress.com/presentations/ber/
Harland, Pam. https://pamlibrarian.wordpress.com/presentations/ber/

A funny thing happened on the way to 1:1 computing.


Literature Appreciation

Library Patronage

Research and Information Access

Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety

The D50 Research Model

The importance of adopting a district wide research model is summed up by this passage from 21Century Information Fluency (http://21cif.com/index.html):

“If the school or district does not have a designated research model, one should be considered. A consistent approach is needed for students to tackle a research question. The common vocabulary will ease the transference from class to class and from department to department. Shared expectations of the research process will promote its use across the curriculum.”

The goal for this group was to create or adopt a flexible and comprehensive model that could be adapted for all grade levels, for any project, and for any subject while providing a common vocabulary that will become embedded in students’ frame of reference. The intent was to create a model which would serve as a planning guide for teachers as they design research projects and as a road map for students to ensure their research success. We also wanted to make clear expectations for responsible research practice, including critical evaluation of information sources and proper citation.

For more about the D50 Library Media Curriculum and Scope and Sequence, including more details about the D50 Research Model, see the library website at: http://harcohilmc.weebly.com/

Media Literacy: We all need to help students become media literate.

Databases: Do or Die?


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