University of Florida Involvement and Growth of the Student Body

As we have learned in this course, The University of Florid offers BILLIONS (maybe not billions but definitely a crap load) of involvement opportunities that each student can and should get involved in. They cater to anyone's interests and give lots of opportunities for students to get started on finding who they are and what they want to be in their professional careers.

These would be "The Boys". During my time at UF, I have become involved in Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. I promise those are Diet Cokes on the ground. But other than gaining friends, this fraternity has connected me with many people who can help me in my career later on. This class has taught me that anyone you meet can be helpful and may help you gain advantages in your desired proffesion. I have also become the Intramural Chair of my fraternity which, as a Sport Management major, helps me understand what it is to run and organize sport teams.

This semester has certainly been a huge jump for me in terms of preparing for my future career in Sports Management. I began taking courses pertaining to my major, and not those dumb general eds. I have realized what direction I desire to go with my career. Along with classes, I have started working along side the UF baseball team as a team manager. With this position, I assist the team in practices and work with other managers during game days to make sure the team is ready for the game. Being able to see the "behind the scenes" of what it takes to run a successful baseball organization certainly teaches me what I will be doing as a Sport Management professional.

At UF I hope to progress in my studies and give myself the best opportunity to attend Law School. I want to continue working with the baseball team and continue to learn more about the industry and what it takes to run a successful organization. This class has taught me that we can all found our niche at this huge university. I have learned that becoming involved can help us learn and create connections with others who can help us in our future endeavors.

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