The final years of the war From a fathers promise

Chapter 24, Josef's return, after time Rudi has grown used to his time with Anna. Farming was great, and no one thought it was suspicious.


One day rudi took the cows out to graze

In the time he tried to teach Sasha a trick. He tried to teach her to sit. But Sasha stood firm.

Then Ingrid tried it, Sasha immediately sat. Then someone came to the door. It was Josef.

He said I'm hungry, make me something to eat.

Later at dinner, Josef was being mean and Sasha attacked! Rudi saved Josef, and to get away from Sasha Josef went to sleep in the barn.

Chapter 24, a hard decision,

Rudi was laying in bed

enjoying the night
when he thought of something.
Josef was going to turn him in trough jealousy.

Rudi was going to leave but he had to leave ingrid behind.

Rudi went where Josef was sleeping and told him not to step out of line. Then when Rudi turned to leave, Josef hurdled a pitchfork at him. he turned, threatened Josef, and left.


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